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SoCS – Plonk


I have a best friend who, if you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know goes by the name of John (mostly because that’s his name) but I’ve thought about changing it. I already have, on occasion.

John is a fan of making sound effects. I don’t know if he really realizes he’s doing it, but often when he sits down across from me at my kitchen table he says “plonk” as his butt comes in contact with the chair. So I’ve started calling him Batman.

I wonder sometimes about my seeming obsession with grammar. Where some people may hear a “sound effect” when someone does what my BFF does, I identify it with onomatopoeia. Does that equal obsession? Or is it simply because I’m in the throes of editing that it’s with me constantly? I can tell you, it’s killing me that I’m not able to edit this.

My concentration is shot – Alex’s friend just came over to play video games. With the sound on. (Normally I don’t have to listen to movies, shows, and games since Alex is Deaf – his friend is hearing.) So my world is full of sound effects. Whoopie!

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Badge by: Doobster at Mindful Digressions

Badge by: Doobster at Mindful Digressions

Author: Linda G. Hill

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29 thoughts on “SoCS – Plonk

  1. ZOWIE!

    Oddly, (or not), I referenced comic sound effects in my post this week, too.

    Incidentally, although T’Pol knows the Latin definition of onomatopoeia, she informs me that Vulcans don’t have that language form, as they perceive sound and qualify it by other means.

    I imagine going from the normally-silent games to full-on sound must be jarring!


  2. Over here, “plonk” is cheap wine, so “hic” would be the onomatopoeia I’d connect with that word.


  3. Kapow…Linda, this was a good one, though a noisy house after being so quiet can be a challenge….


  4. BAM! You hit me hard with that one! POW!


  5. John sounds like fun. I don’t blame you for wanting to change his name. Every Tom, Dick and Harry is named John.

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  6. I enjoy sound effects in real life. Are you old enough to remember Victor Borge’s punctuation sounds? I always loved that routine.

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  7. Lol John sounds funny


  8. We are so alike, you and I. I, too used to have a best friend called John. Haven’t seen him since 1965, though. Last I heard he was in Germany. I don’t recall him making strange onomatopoeic utterances, but he did break his arm once. Don’t suppose that counts though, does it. Oh yes, it does – CRACK!


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