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Don’t get fined for “free” use of photos on WordPress


Copyright infringement is a serious issue, and one we’re all, apparently, at risk of inadvertently committing here on WordPress. There’s so much more to free usage of Creative Commons material than meets the eye, and no one understands that better than author and blogger, D.G. Kaye.

In her article, she explains how it happened to her and what to look for in the fine print for what appears to be free-for-all-to-use images. You can read it  Listen Up – 5 Tips to Protect Yourself from Copyright Infringement by clicking this link.

Benefit from her experience before it happens to you!

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

31 thoughts on “Don’t get fined for “free” use of photos on WordPress

  1. Great post! Perfect for everyone!!! Enjoying your posts!


  2. Thanks for the information.
    This voice is relatively new, and I think I’ve kept within the limits of copyright/free use by using sites such as wikicommons and other free use photo sites.
    On another blog, I’ve had photos and illustrations “disappear” from older posts. I thought these were under fair use, and I assumed the disappearance was due to my not having copyright to show them.
    Now I am worried about fines, etc., and will try and set aside time to go through the other blogs so I don’t get the dreaded email.
    Irony. I just finished the licensing process for this blog!


    • It’s kinda scary, isn’t it? Thing is, not knowing what we’re doing isn’t a good enough excuse. And so many of us really don’t know what we’re doing, me included half the time. 😛


  3. Thank you! Lately, I have tried to use my own photographs (or friend’s with permission) to avoid getting into trouble. Also adds a personal touch 🙂


  4. Thanks for the heads up. I think its sad that people react that way. You would think they would want the free publicity. I sure would love it if people wanted to share MY stuff around!


  5. Wow. I’ve had numerous battles with guest posters over pictures they’ve tried to use on my blog, but it never, ever occurred to me to check the pictures included in posts I re-blogged. I think I may have to stop reading my email, just in case there is a fine notice.


  6. Linda thanks for sharing this. I usually use only my own images and when I use others, I always credit the source but it seems as if that’s not enough. Something else to worry about, sigh…;)


  7. This is why I stick to memes, Stockvault, and the Wikimedia Commons. It’s also kind of weird that someone would demand a fine like that. Normally people are allowed to remove the offending content first.


    • I would have hoped they’d ask first and fine later, but apparently that’s not always the way it works. It’s good to be careful.

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      • That’s what’s getting me about this situation. There’s a good chance that this might have been fraud. Nobody is automatically entitled to collect a fine; there has to be some kind of determination of guilt made. It doesn’t take much to pretend that one is a member of Creative Commons, and that one is owed a specific amount.

        That’s another real concern I have about all of this.


  8. Thanks for sharing this. I tend to only use my own photos on my blog, but I never thought about the few things I reblog.


  9. Thanks for sharing Linda. 🙂


  10. This was why I retained Ho as my artist-in-residence, so that I had a source of original images to illustrate any posts I don’t have my own photos for. I never did like using clipart anyway, it’s way too generic and I think it detracts from the personalised look of a blog.


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