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Just Jot It January 26th – Oneness


There are certain things we humans naturally feel a oneness with. Being joined by the tradition of marriage; being a couple rather than an individual and having your name synonymous with someone else’s of your choosing creates a sense of completeness. The birth of a child between a couple who love one another is a bond that cannot be broken. For that matter, our families as well as our friends, nature, or even a good book can cause a feeling of oneness. But etched in my mind was one bond I can recall with great clarity. It was with my horse.

His name was Shadow and he was a mutt – part quarter horse, part thoroughbred; we were never really sure. I bought him from the lady who owned the farm where I guided trails but I eventually moved him closer to where I lived. Close by was a conservation area, the Vivian Forest, consisting partly of natural forest and partly planted rotating forestation, which spans almost 5,600 acres. I could ride for eight hours without seeing the same trail twice. Shadow and I knew the place very well.

There were a few rides, just me and my horse, that I’ll never forget. Once, riding along a well-worn trail, we came too close to an owl’s nest. She wasn’t pleased: she flew at us, soaring over my head three or four times as I ducked down as close as I could to Shadow’s mane and we galloped the hell out of there. Another time we were walking, on our way home, when Shadow came to a dead halt, head up, ears pricked. Rather than urge him on, I sat still on his back and looked in the same direction he was staring; a fully antlered buck, almost the size of my horse walked out of the forest on to the trail, stopped, stared at us, and crossed the trail, disappearing back into the woods.

But there was one ride that truly made me feel that oneness. It was early summer and I’d just finished an overnight shift at the 24 hour gas station I was working at at the time. Rather than head home to bed, I decided to go out on Shadow for a while. We went a long way that morning and on the way home I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore. So I closed them and fell almost all the way to sleep in the shade of the forest, while Shadow took me home. What an incredible feeling of oneness it was.

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Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

38 thoughts on “Just Jot It January 26th – Oneness

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  7. I have only ridden a horse a few times, but each time it was an exhilarating feeling! Great post to the prompt.


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  10. Thank you for the lovely stories.


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  17. Ah, I could talk all day about horse stories. I thought I’d share a couple. My first horse was scared of everything, and I had to constantly be prepared for him to jump. One day, we were riding through a town, and the local train passed through. Prince didn’t jump, this time, he turned and ran toward home, as fast as he could go. I was grateful a car didn’t come speeding along on that daredevil ride. I did manage to calm him down about a half mile down the road. Poor baby!

    The other story is good enough to make my blog for today.


  18. I’ve never had an affinity with a horse. I wouldn’t mind a dog big enough to ride though 😛


  19. I almost felt like I was on those rides with you. What wonderful experiences you have enjoyed.


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  27. This was fun. I played around with oneness.
    Love your tale of oneness. Sometimes we reach those levels of trust with animals only.


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  29. Such a special story of oneness. The bond between you and Shadow is one of those very rare but so magical relationships that extend all boundaries of friendship.
    Thanks for sharing!


  30. Linda that is the most wonderful thing I have ever read thank you . xxxxx


  31. Wow! What a great bond you have with Shadow. Do you still ride Shadow now?


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