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Just Jot It January 21st – Mittens

The word “mittens,” to me at least, conjures cozy feelings of being warm despite the cold winter wind and the icy metal scraper I use to heave the snow off my car. It’s just one of those words, isn’t it? Like “hot chocolate,” or “fireplace.” But today I’m here to tell you a sad story about a pair of mittens and a boy. It’s not a devastating story – it’s just a little heartrending. And it does have a happy-ish ending, and a moral too. You ready? Here we go.

One day last week I was in the car with my best friend, John, and my son, Alex, on our way to the grocery store. Alex had noticed a hole in his glove as he got into the back seat, so I assured him we’d be able to get some new ones where we were going. However, it’s a store that sells food, primarily, so the selection of clothes isn’t tremendous. We checked out the kids’ section first, but all they had was a few pairs of gloves Alex didn’t fit into and one pair of mittens. He saw those and his eyes lit up.

Yes! he said. I’ll take them!

But… I said…

No! No buts, said Alex. I want them!

Okay, try them on, I said. (It was just to make a point.)

So Alex tried them on. And they fit.

Yay! Alex said.

Okay, I nodded. Now tell me your name.

And Alex fingerspelled his name. Inside the right mitten. Alex is Deaf.

What’s that? I asked.

Alex drooped in defeat. And gave me back the mittens to put back on the shelf.

We went then to the ladies section where he found a nice pair of ladies gloves that he liked very much. And that’s what he’s wearing to school.

And that’s my sad but true story about mittens. The moral? Fashion and communication don’t always mix.


The “Mittens” prompt is brought to you by Candy at Rhymes With Bug. If you don’t already know her, please click on the link and say hi!

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