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Tuesday Use It In A Sentence – Master


For this week’s Wednesday Tuesday Use It In A Sentence, (check it out!), I decided to post an excerpt of my novel The Great Dagmaru for the very first time! From Chapter 34:

With a bowl of chicken noodle soup and crackers on a tray balanced on his left hand, Stephen rapped on Nina’s bedroom door. When he heard a muffled, “Do I have to?” he announced himself.
“Master!” Nina said with a great amount of shuffling about. “Come in, please.”
Disconcerted, but hardly surprised to see her room all but wallpapered in posters of himself, he tried not to stare at the walls. She sat up in bed dressed in an old-fashioned flannel nightie, and he placed the tray on her lap. He perched himself on the end of the bed and faced her. Nina stared at him with her mouth agape as if unable to believe he was actually there in the flesh.
“We need to talk,” he said. “But first I want you to try to eat something.”
At his command she pulled herself together and picked up a cracker.
“Your mother tells me you were sick this morning.”
“Yes, Master. I’m very sorry Master, I promise I won’t drink any more.” She bent her head and took a mouse-like nibble.
Stephen wholeheartedly wished he could tell Nina to stop with the “master” crap for five minutes and simply talk to her, adult to adult, but to give her that equality even for a moment would upset the balance. Leading her to believe it could happen again whilst she was still bound to servitude would probably end in disaster.
He watched her drink some of her soup and when it looked like she might not run for the washroom he decided he may as well begin.
“I want to thank you, Nina.”
Her eyes snapped open over the spoonful of soup she had just put to her lips. Stephen was glad she didn’t have it in her mouth – he thought he likely would have worn it.
“You…want to thank me?” She returned the spoon to the bowl slowly.
“Yes. You made me realize something. In fact you made both myself and Miss Anderson realize something.”
She stared at him, poised as though she was going to take flight. He wondered if he had been hasty in thinking that she was going to keep her lunch down. He decided to go on anyway.

I can’t believe I’m nervous about hitting the publish button. Oh well, here goes nothing.

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

16 thoughts on “Tuesday Use It In A Sentence – Master

  1. So far -I’m lovin it! Keep posting -I’ll keep reading.


  2. You definitely have my interest! This is a story I want to read more of!
    Thanks for sharing. I can understand why it would be scary to hit publish. “Glad you were brave enough,” she cheered.


  3. Very interesting! I’d love to see more 🙂


  4. This is sounding great Linda 🙂


  5. Very good and you’ve certainly captured my interest.


  6. I’m never so nervous as hitting Publish on poetry, but fiction excerpts come at a close second. 😛 Never fear, The Great Dagmaru is a great book! 😀


    • Poetry doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I think part of my nervousness today is not being sure about what part of the book to reveal. 😛
      Thank you, Joey. Your lovely words of encouragement brought a tear to my eye. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  7. ok I’m now very very very very… curious about that story. That’s an incredible teaser 😀 😀 . Thank you for sharing. Thank you for your trust


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