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Yielding – #AtoZ Challenge


In my post yesterday, about how difficult it is for my son, Alex, to play with the neighbourhood children, I mentioned that part of his problem is my fault. Thing is, the other kids tend to play from one side of the street to the other and up and down both sides. Kids, being kids, sometimes run across the street to beat the traffic. If Alex follows them but doesn’t see the car, (and of course he doesn’t hear it) the results are literally the stuff of nightmares for me. The traffic on my street should be going at 40km/h (25mph) but occasionally people speed down it as though they were the only ones on the road. On that account I’ve tried to get the city to put up signs, but they refused, saying they deal only with signs that meet provincial standards.

The signs I’ve seen in this province, in various towns and cities, include “Elderly Persons Crossing,” “Children at Play,” “Turtle Crossing,” and “Duck Crossing.” But they won’t put one up for my Deaf son. There are actually a couple of “Deaf Children at Play,” signs across town, but they won’t put one up here. They told me that perhaps they’ve been there since the guidelines were changed.

As parents, we all have to advocate for our kids, whether for their schooling, the services they need, their health… The list goes on. This is just one of the many I have to deal with. I need to find help, I think.

What have you advocated for on your family’s behalf and succeeded?

Author: Linda G. Hill

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14 thoughts on “Yielding – #AtoZ Challenge

  1. Visas. Bloody visas. That has been the worst thing I’ve had to advocate for on behalf of my family. Never again. (Except, of course, we’ll have to go through it all again twice more before we’re totally done with it.)


  2. You can buy signs for Deer Crossing, etc. Do those companies make customized signs? Maybe. Perhaps it’s time to consult an attorney, since some similar signs are posted elsewhere. Meanwhile, maybe your backyard is a good place to have kids come visit. Wishing you all the best.


    • The back yard is great as long as I can get the neighbourhood kids to stay in it for more than 10 seconds. 😛
      I’m planning to speak to my local member of parliament, and maybe the newspaper. Thanks for the suggestions, Linda. 🙂


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  4. I’ll tell you a little secret Linda. Shhhh! Have an official looking sign made (perhaps identical to the others you have seen around town)and bolt it to a lamppost when no one is looking = most municipalities do not have anyone whose job it is to check signs – they all assume someone else put it there. The cops will even enforce the sign – Bwahahaha! I’ve actually done this and it works. Some years ago I worked for a trucking company in a small town and one weekend a bunch of us were laid over with no loads. We were out partying with a service truck and we got to discussing signs. When ever one of our loaded trucks left the office, it had to go down a steep hill with a stop sign at the bottom. We found an intersection with a yield sign and switched it for the stop sign. We did this very professionally using the tools on the service truck. For as long as I worked there – another 6 years – that yield sign stayed there and, in fact, about 5 years later as the sign aged, the dept of highways replaced it with a new Yield sign.Ha!


    • I have thought about this. I wonder what it would cost… And whether it would be cheaper just to dig a giant pothole in front of my house. 😛 A yield sign is regulatory – doubt they’d replace mine. :/
      Thanks for the suggestions, Paul. You’ve given me something to think about. 🙂

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  5. How incredibly frustrating for you and your son; hope you get the sign soon


  6. :O We have tons of Deaf Child At Play signs around here!
    That is AWFUL! I am outraged on behalf of your family!

    When we lived on post, people flew through our neighborhood as if every house didn’t contain at least 2 children (which they did, 2-5 kids in every single home!) Some nice nights, we’d barricade the ends of the streets with cars or sawhorses like a block party, so we could all enjoy safety. I saw they make little cones and whatnot for Slow Down and Kids at Play, but I hadn’t seen them then. It was so aggravating because you had to figure most of the traffic was comprised of parents who should know better.

    We live on a nice quiet dead end street. I am happy.


  7. Good luck Linda. It must be terrifying, knowing there is only so much you can do…


  8. Sounds like a nightmare situation, even if they did put up a sign. That is ridiculous that they won’t. People tear down the hill in front of my house when I know they can’t see who is on the other side. So far everyone has been lucky.

    I have advocated for my children, back when they were not approaching or into middle age. Mostly in school situations. Finally I ended up homeschooling the youngest ones.

    Finding Eliza


    • How terrible when you don’t feel safe letting them out of the house! We actually have loads of potholes on our street. I’ve considered petitioning the town not to fix it.


  9. Good luck with this situation.


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