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Song-Lyric Sunday – “The Way” – Fastball


Today’s theme for Song-Lyric Sunday is Moms. I wanted to share something a little different. I’ve always loved the song, “The Way,” by Fastball. It reminds me of carefree days before kids, when the world was my oyster and the road was paved with gold, at least in my mind. It also reminds me that there are people in the world who never grow up, who never submit to the responsibility of the children they bear. What the couple does in the song is a fleeting fantasy. One I admit to occasionally having. In me, it only lasts a split second. For some…

“The Way” – Fastball

They made up their minds
And they started packing
They left before the sun came up that day
An exit to eternal summer slacking
But where were they going without ever
Knowing the way?

They drank up the wine
And they got to talking
They now had more important things to say
And when the car broke down they started walking
Where were they going without ever
Knowing the way?

Anyone can see the road that they walk on
Is paved in gold
And it’s always summer
They’ll never get cold
They’ll never get hungry
They’ll never get old and grey
You can see their shadows wandering off somewhere
They won’t make it home
But they really don’t care
They wanted the highway
They’re happier there today, today

Their children woke up
And they couldn’t find them
They left before the sun came up that day
They just drove off and left it all behind ’em
But where were they going without ever
Knowing the way?


Song-Lyric Sunday is brought to you by the lovely and talented Helen Espinosa. Click the link and learn how you, too, can join in!


Author: LindaGHill

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3 thoughts on “Song-Lyric Sunday – “The Way” – Fastball

  1. I’ve heard this song before, but I’m not sure I’ve ever paid attention to the lyrics. I love that you chose this song on Mother’s day. Sometimes, all I want is to spend time alone without the hassle of kids – if it really is a day to celebrate my status as Mom… but that always feels and sounds the opposite of Mom. But I think we’ve all had moments where we think of just running away. Thanks, Linda!


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