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#SoCS – Screen


“Experience is the screen through which we see the world.” ~ Linda G. Hill

I just came up with that. Someone else probably has as well, but just in case I’m not subconsciously plagiarizing it, I’ll leave it up there all by itself.

It’s always been true, I think. The whole nature vs. nurture thing may be something we’ll never all agree on – I believe there’s a balance there somewhere. There’s no doubt our experiences shape us, whether to turn us into what we’ve seen or give us the determination to be the opposite. Either way, our experiences colour how we perceive things, how we judge things to be true or false, comforting or scary, acceptable or not.

If the above statement has always been true, isn’t it more literally true now? When almost all we see of the world is through a physical screen, compounded by opinions that read as facts, and facts that are difficult to believe, it’s no wonder we’re often confused. Or maybe I just speak for myself.

With the world on the brink of change (if my screen is to be believed), we are witnessing history, close up and from afar at the same time. Will we always have this medium to express our thoughts and connect with one another? Loss of this is what I fear the most.

Note: I looked up my “quote” – this is the closest I came to it: So I’m sticking quotation marks around it and calling it mine. I’ll await the claim of whomever beat me to it.


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Author: LindaGHill

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28 thoughts on “#SoCS – Screen

  1. I firmly believe that our lives make us who we are.
    I’ve had a fair amount of shit in my life, but I wouldn’t go back and change any of it, because it made me who I am, it put me where I am now and it enabled me to meet the one person who I’m pretty sure I was always meant to be with.
    We are (I “believe”) born as a clean slate, with only one try at making the most of it. Life is not a rehearsal, or a popularity contest, be who you are and don’t allow where you’re from to determine where you end up, that’s my philosophy.


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  3. You are not alone. I am horribly confused by what I see and hear and what I don’t. Or whatever combination of those I’m going with on any particular day lately. Nice quote and good of you to check prior claims.


  4. Can’t help myself – and ain’t re-writing – cuz, your Quote reminded me of a similar quote published in 1954 – from a book I read, disagreed heartily with the whole social movement that instigated it’s writing, but loved the author and his take on things and attempt to try to bring some tolerance, compassion and ‘um…did you even take the time to think about…?” items to a centuries old adopted custom – missionizing and missionary work – and so, even though I promised not to blog, yet again, alas, I have – but here’s the original post from 2013, I re-read and thought, “yup – still feel the same way, but have many more pairs of shades, to choose from…. now…” – LOL


  5. I thought your quote was fairly original when I read it. I’m glad we can choose some of our experiences. Maybe we can even switch screens, like changing hats, or sunglasses? I like amber colored sunglasses. (My SoC turns on when I come here.) ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. This is Incredible โค๏ธ๏ธ


  7. I say you own it Linda, do so and think of all the wise people who will in generations to come ‘Hillisms’ and that one saying will be what they quote most….


  8. A very insightful quote Linda, and you should be proud to own it! ๐Ÿ™‚


  9. I hope nothing ever gets in the way of open communication among people with open minds. Nicely done, Linda.


  10. I like that turn of phrase, so very true!


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