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Bananas – an #AtoZChallenge Bonus


I’m bursting to boast about my Beauty and the Beast bananas. I couldn’t bear not to.

Behold my beautiful Beauty and the Beast bananas!


Author: LindaGHill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

29 thoughts on “Bananas – an #AtoZChallenge Bonus

  1. The Beast outside? The beauty inside? If so, I agree!☺


  2. I love love love the alliteration here Linda. Well done.


  3. I have some bananas on the counter all ripe and ready to make Banana Bread. Mine don’t have the Beauty and the Beast sticker on them though. 😦


  4. oh lord. did you pay more because of the sticker.


  5. I am very pleased to see this use of alliteration! (you shoulda linked to my poetry sub! 😉


  6. My daughter would love those bananas. I hope to surprise her with tickets soon.


  7. Cool. I clicked to here from Twitter today (don’t ask…I still don’t “get” it…) and on the Tweet it asked me if I wanted to “Translate from Turkish?” I thought that was strange. What kind of banana is that, exactly ? 🙂


  8. Beautiful! 😉
    On another topic…Do we take Sundays off the A to Z? I had thought so and then I saw your Breathe post and worried that I have already broken the rules.

    Oh, and I have been copying/pasting the badge. Does the clickable info go into the click? I don’t understand how to put the HTML into my blog when it is set up for ‘visual’. Gosh, I’m still such a noob!

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  9. Advertisers are NUTS 😄😄😄


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