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Veil – #AtoZChallenge

There are days when I wish I could go out in public with a veil over my head: mostly Tuesday through Monday.

We conceal ourselves in so many different ways. From wearing makeup and masks, to hiding behind a computer screen. We pretend–to be more important, smart, beautiful, rich, compassionate–but to what result? In the end, our real nature always shines through.

So I’ve decided to come clean. Right here, right now. Are you ready?

Almost every night for the past three weeks I’ve been too tired to write interesting blog posts. There. I said it. I’m stubborn (because I HAVE to live up to this challenge) to the extent that I’d rather keep myself up at night and blather through my exhaustion than give up.

Tomorrow I’ll try to post earlier. Ugh.

Okay, here’s the real confession:

I’m trying to put you to sleep too.

I’m a terrible person.

You know what’s not terrible? My A to Z Challenge-inspired novelette, “All Good Stories”! It’s a romantic comedy about two best friends who belong together – Xavier knows it, but Jupiter has her eye on another guy: a shady character named Bob.

“A delightful read!!” ~ Cheryl Lynn Roberts, 4 stars, Amazon Canada review

“A short funny tale of two friends” ~ Ritu, 4 stars, Amazon UK review

“Quirky and charming.” ~ Bobby Underwood, #11 top reviewers on Goodreads – 5 stars

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One-Liner Wednesday – Best Friends

I’m not sure when life became too short, but I know why.


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