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Ne’er-do-well – #AtoZChallenge


The odds of being the black sheep of the family are drastically increased when you’re an only child.

“Ne’er-do-well” isn’t a word I’d have looked up in my thesaurus, but sure enough, there it is. I wouldn’t say that growing up I was a complete good-for-nothing, but I got into my share of trouble. I used to envy my friends who had siblings they could, in turns, play with and blame things on. I was the only one who could have done whatever was done in my family.

I love some of the synonyms for “ne’er-do-well.” Rapscallion, scapegrace, and wastrel are my favourites. Apparently I’m too old to be a scapegrace, but I can still be a rapscallion.

Any siblings of mine would have hated me for sure.

I can’t let this post go by without mentioning that another “n”-word of mine today is “nest.” I went for a walk earlier, and came across a swan building a nest. Not something you see every day.

You know what else starts with “N”? Ninety-nine cents! And that just happens to be how much my A to Z Challenge-inspired novelette, “All Good Stories,” costs. It’s a romantic comedy about two best friends who belong together – Xavier knows it, but Jupiter has her eye on another guy: a shady character named Bob.

“A delightful read!!” ~ Cheryl Lynn Roberts, 4 stars, Amazon Canada review

“A short funny tale of two friends” ~ Ritu, 4 stars, Amazon UK review

“Quirky and charming.” ~ Bobby Underwood, #11 top reviewers on Goodreads – 5 stars

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Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

14 thoughts on “Ne’er-do-well – #AtoZChallenge

  1. I LOLd just reading the title in the reader feed – For myself, I always wanted to be Rapscallion – alas, I have a sibling, thus, I’m relegated to “Rip-terror” – – LOL – but, I’m still the oldest – which balances it out, here and there – – LOL
    If nothing else, I raised my parents well enough for others to reap the benefits – I can’t count the times I told my eldest child, “Yeah – I know – get used to it – – ” LOL


  2. “The odds of being the black sheep of the family are drastically increased when you’re an only child.” Love this line. Amazing to see a swan nesting. Ne’er-do-well is a mild sounding expression, not as strong as black sheep. 🙂


  3. I do love a Ne’er-do-well. Luckily being the quietest of of six siblings I could get away with a bit of bad behaviour by blaming one of the others! 🙂


  4. Rapscallion is my favourite what a glorious word!
    Here is a song that starts with N. Ninety Nine Red Balloons by Nena


  5. Thanks for sharing the photos. If you’re old enough to remember Rocky & Bullwinkle, you could be a nogoodnick 🙂


  6. Loving the ‘nest’ pics!!!


  7. What a great sighting of the swan. Beautiful.
    Rapscallion- I might carry that as a badge of honor if I was called that


  8. Those are some neat words! I like them. What a treat, to see the swan! 🙂


  9. Aw, your siblings wouldn’t have hated you…Well, not at first! 😂

    Siblings are hard work, lol!


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