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#SoCS – I Admit to Things

I have a few things to admit to today, it seems.

I admit that although I drive to the bus station, spend $4.50 to get on with Alex (because he loves bus rides) and do an entire route just to get off at the same station, it’s not all that bad, regardless of how much I complain about it. It’s one of the few times every week I get to observe people.

I admit to buying Alex a child’s ticket even though he’s sixteen years old. He’s small enough for me to get away with it, and it’s not as though he could get a job. His mentality is that of a six- going on two- going on adolescent-year-old.

I admit that I feel bad about the torture I put Belinda, my cover artist, through, considering I can’t pay her what she’s worth – a million bucks.

I admit that although I have my book set for release on June 27th, I have no idea how to organize a cover reveal (sorry, Belinda), or run a blog tour. (If anyone wants to help with these things once I get them figured out, please email me at bacamjoly at gmail dot com. Thanks!)

I admit to laughing at this until I cried

(Horrible of me to laugh – it’s all in the execution, though. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.)

I admit to wanting to read all the other admissions in the SoCS posts this week because I’m nosy.

I admit that I’ve run out of things to admit to. For now.

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