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#SoCS – I Admit to Things


I have a few things to admit to today, it seems.

I admit that although I drive to the bus station, spend $4.50 to get on with Alex (because he loves bus rides) and do an entire route just to get off at the same station, it’s not all that bad, regardless of how much I complain about it. It’s one of the few times every week I get to observe people.

I admit to buying Alex a child’s ticket even though he’s sixteen years old. He’s small enough for me to get away with it, and it’s not as though he could get a job. His mentality is that of a six- going on two- going on adolescent-year-old.

I admit that I feel bad about the torture I put Belinda, my cover artist, through, considering I can’t pay her what she’s worth – a million bucks.

I admit that although I have my book set for release on June 27th, I have no idea how to organize a cover reveal (sorry, Belinda), or run a blog tour. (If anyone wants to help with these things once I get them figured out, please email me at bacamjoly at gmail dot com. Thanks!)

I admit to laughing at this until I cried

(Horrible of me to laugh – it’s all in the execution, though. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.)

I admit to wanting to read all the other admissions in the SoCS posts this week because I’m nosy.

I admit that I’ve run out of things to admit to. For now.

This post is part of Stream of Consciousness Saturday … er … Sunday. Click the link and read all the other posts – you’ll find them in the comments. And join in – it’s fun!

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

11 thoughts on “#SoCS – I Admit to Things

  1. I admit that I didn’t listen to the reading – reading the first paragraph or two was….umm…more than enough.

    I admit that I grinned at your description of Alex’s mental age. It says so much more than a concrete pinpoint would.

    I admit that, since my almost sixteen is over six feet tall (and STILL getting taller!), there’s no chance at all a child’s ticket will work for him!)

    I admit that I’ve been remiss in getting around to visit, because there are so many words and so much life happening!

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  2. I admit I have never seen anything related to Twilight other than promotional photos and now this dramatic reading. I have a feeling it was more fun than what I have missed. I also admit to putting my cover designer through torture and hoping that maybe that goes with the territory? (He was not a personal friend, but I did thank him repeatedly for his patience with me.) I further admit that I do not know anything about a cover reveal, and that I just slapped that baby up on my Facebook page as soon as it was done, and then done again. I don’t think I have energy to run a blog tour, though, anything is possible. Admissions make us feel so not alone.


  3. I admit to enjoying your post, and when I was younger I admit to lying about my age to get on the bus for half fare, then lying about it again to get into the cinema to see an X film!!!


  4. I admit that reading this made me want to laugh more than it should have. And I freely admit I miss blogging!!!!


  5. I admit, this was good and I’ll be happy to have you over to my blog with you book. 🙂

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  6. I admit I laughed too. FanFic is truly entertaining in this way.
    I admit I missed Saturday social media for the most part, but maybe I needed to.
    I’ve never much understood pricing for adults and children. Or adults vs students. Some students are adults. Is a student going to enjoy a symphony or a garden or a play 20% less than an adult? It’s odd. I used to have to say Sassy was 11 or whatever, cause she hasn’t looked like a kid for years. Moo, on the other hand, she’s still 8 or 9 to the public so sometimes they’re surprised she’ll be having adult size chicken tenders. And what’s that about? Shouldn’t ANYONE who eats smaller portions be able to order fewer tenders with a side of applesauce? Maybe society needs to review these charges and expectations.


  7. I admit to being late, I also admit to enjoying your post too💜💖


  8. I admit to missing this week’s prompt but enjoying the entries from the sidelines.


  9. I admit to enjoying your mudings Linda!!!


  10. I admit this was quite interesting…I also admit to buying kids tickets for my grandson…Hey, HE insists, “Nana, I look like a kid. No one asks me, they assume I`m only 10.” Well, I admit, it was fun buying tickets to the cinema last month, 1 kid and 1 senior…bonus!! 🙂


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