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#SoCS – The Weather

Whether you’re from the east coast or the west coast or somewhere in between, if you’re Canadian, you love to talk about the weather. It’s our national pasttime, aside from drinking our Timmie’s and jumping into a frozen lake on the first of January. …okay, not all of us are that brave. I’m not that brave. Scratch that last one.

The weather was lovely today. I sat outside (in the car) and read my book for an hour while I waited for my son to get out of his movie. With the windows down and everything! (In the car, not in the movie.) I sometimes hate not being able to fix my grammar when I write a SoCS post. Why did I make up that rule? Oh yeah. To make it feel like we’re actually sitting down, talking together. My grammar isn’t as good when I speak, compared to when I edit what I’ve written. And let’s face it, who’s going to stop listening to me because my spoken grammar sucks? Wait… nobody listens to me anyway. Never mind.

What was I talking about again? Oh yeah, the weather. It went up to 24C today. Perfect. My best friend, John, came over and cut the grass – he brought his own lawn mower since mine kicked the bucket. Luckily I only have a front yard to worry about. The back is still just dirt. And speaking of dirt (and mud), I had a smell outside today that was so rotten that I called the gas company to come and check to see if there was a leak. Turns out my next door neighbour was emptying his pool of skunky water. Yeah, it was that bad. And where did he drain it? Let’s just say Winston’s paws were wet when he came in.

Thank goodness for my back door neighbour’s beautiful yard. Makes up for my muddy one and the next door neighbour’s stinky one – as long as I keep the windows closed and the dog in. But who wants to do that with all this lovely weather?

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