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#SoCS – It’s the Most Musical Time of the Year


Is there a more musical time of year than Christmas time? Whether you’re Christian or not, whether you celebrate the holiday or not, if you go shopping, you’re subject to the music of Christmas.

I worked in a department store one year–Eaton’s!–for the holiday season as a temp. Drove me around the bend. I loved working there, though. My helpful side is never brighter when I have someone to help and engage in small talk with in person.

There are always a few songs I hope to hear, but most of them are sooo overdone.

Did I talk about this last year? I think I did. My bad.

The only other time of year I think of as remotely musical is the summer. Certain songs, whether they’re actually about summer or not, remind me of summers past. I think it has to do with listening to the radio a lot more when I wasn’t in school, when I was a kid. I only listen to the radio in the car now. It’s funny that I often know the latest songs before my son does.  This is the last song I introduced him to.

Apparently I’m the cool mom.

At least I like to think so.

You try listening to “It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas” after that one.


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Author: Linda G. Hill

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21 thoughts on “#SoCS – It’s the Most Musical Time of the Year

  1. I love music! I like all sorts. Certain songs remind me of summer too!


  2. I looooove Christmas music, and am the only one in the house who does. It’s sad for all of us, haha!
    The Mister says retail killed it for him. I worked retail, too, for more Christmas seasons than him, but whatever 😉


  3. Oh God, Christmas music… don’t get me started. MOST of it drives me round the bend!


  4. When my daughter was a teenager I knew the latest songs well. Now, I have no idea since I listen to the 70s station. Kids keep us young in some ways even if they wear us out in others.


  5. That is quite the song of the season Linda. Haha. Thanks for a change of scenery.


  6. “Musical” #SoCS prompt for @LindaGHill via @Graeme_Sandford

    Yes, It’s quite a magical musical time – if you can cope with the repetition of the same old Chrimbo songs. G:)


  7. I can easily listen to most of it, but there’s a few songs that get old fast. Including every novelty song.


  8. That song rocks! Gave me the goosebumps. The video: excellent!


  9. Holiday retail is no joke. I think it’s probably a good thing I never gave that a shot!


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