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#SoCS – Tin Can

If I could, I’d put some love in a tin can and seal it tight.

There would be no expiry date on my tin can,

But it would be there for you to open

Any time you need it.

Even if I’m gone.

I have no idea where that came from. I don’t think people in the US call cans–the kind food comes in at the grocery store–tin cans. They’re just cans. Are they even made of tin? I dunno. I do know if they were dented you shouldn’t eat what was inside. An entire group of arctic explorers were poisoned and died because of botulism that came from cans. There was a movie about it.

Would love in a can be spoiled by a dent?

I think it would just give the love a little extra character.

I used to love tinsel as a kid. I still love sparkly things. I haven’t had tinsel on my Christmas tree in years, though. My ex went to the store at the last minute one of the first years we were together and all he could get was this really ugly pink and orange tinsel. It was like the Charlie Brown of tinsels. Only I didn’t have that much sentimental attachment to it. I think it lasted one year before it got tossed.

I need to get tinsel. Maybe I’ll find some after Christmas.

Have a very merry one, my friends. And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, enjoy whatever you do celebrate. Love you all. Thank you for reading and for sticking around. 🙂 ❤

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