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SoCS & JusJoJan the 29th – Oh, the eyeballs

No word of a lie, I’ve spent twelve hours today sitting at my computer, formatting the three books in The Great Dagmaru Series into a boxed set.

I just couldn’t let go until it was done.

But it’s done, and it’ll be on sale next week.

I just hope it looks good, because my eyeballs are really to fall out.

I mean, this only took about an hour

to create. Who’da thunk the 980 pages on the inside would have taken so long to figure out? I roomful of monkeys with typewriters coulda done it!

(In case you’re wondering, it’ll just be an ebook. Not a cool set of paperbacks in a box, because that would cost a fortune.)

Anywho, this was all prompted by the fact that the series (and the third book, The Magician’s Soul) is up for a Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer’s Choice Award. The voting doesn’t start until Wednesday, so I’ll post about it again then with a link to vote. This will be the last chance to win for this series, so fingers crossed.

So my feet are going numb now.

I think that’s a sign to get up off my chair and move around a bit.

Time to let go of the keyboard.


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#JusJoJan 30 & #SoCS – A day


At the end of a long, long day

that consisted of editing a novel that feels like it’s never going to end

I wonder how I’m going to make it to bed,

with so much still to do.

Because as it turns out,

A new day has already begun.

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#SoCS – Yawning

You know what makes me yawn? Waiting rooms. Sure, it’s been better since the invention of e-books and e-book apps for phones–I always have a book to read now–but generally, sitting in a waiting room is the worst. Especially at the hospital, where it’s usually a loooong wait. I don’t think I’ve ever fallen asleep (or almost fallen asleep even) in a dentist waiting room. I’m too damned nervous there.

…aaaand, I just yawned.

How many other people who did this prompt yawned while they were writing their posts? I’m genuinely interested.

Because just thinking about it makes you do it.

I’ve noticed my dog yawns when he’s being bothered and is trying not to bite someone. It’s like he’s opening his mouth and showing his teeth without being menacing. I’ve never known a dog to do that before.

I’ve been tired all day. Which is weird, because I actually got eight hours of sleep last night.

Maybe I’ve just been thinking too much about this post all day.

I seriously have to come up with a more exciting topic next week.

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Killing Time

Do we kill time? Or does time kill itself?

Think about it. A moment only goes by because another moment has taken its place.

Like time is stomping on itself

stomping itself out

to get to the next and the next.

“Ticking” is just a less scary way of perceiving it.


Sweet dreams.  🙂


JusJoJan 4 – Glass half full/half empty: Sometimes it’s just about the glass

Ah, how infinite is our wisdom when we’re tired? That really is the question. It’s the reason I left the suitcase laying in the middle of the living room floor and it’s why there was no glass.

Last night after I finished writing my post, I started to get myself ready for bed so that when my son went to bed I could go as well. I considered having a glass of wine, but decided against it for two reasons – one, there was too much left in the bottle for the three or four ounces I usually take upstairs with me but not enough to leave the rest in the bottle, and two, because I was really too tired to stay up and drink it anyway. Likewise with my decision to take neither my laptop nor my tablet to bed with me: I really just needed sleep.

Chris came out to say goodnight to me and went off to bed, so I turned off the light, and the laptop and promptly, in my rush to get to bed, forgot that there was a suitcase laying in the middle of the floor. I tripped, I stumbled, I spent what felt like a full 20 seconds trying to save myself until I realized I was going down. And I did. On my knees and elbows. The pain was so intense, especially from my already sore shoulder joint which I’m almost sure I knocked right out of its socket since I have barely any muscle left to protect it, that I lay there for a few minutes hoping not to throw up. Finally Chris came back downstairs and called to my eldest son who was in the basement and he helped me get back up.

Had I had the glass, the laptop, or the tablet in my hands – I don’t even want to imagine the mess. Had I not tried to save myself I might have hit my head on the bannister. As it was I landed six inches away.

So, is the glass half full or half empty? Thankfully there was no glass. Next time there will be no suitcase.

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You know you’re tired when…

… you wake up to the alarm at 5:30am and forget what it means and what you’re supposed to do about it.

… the phone rings on your bedside table and you answer your remote control and can’t figure out why it won’t stop ringing. (I watched my ex do this.)

… you don’t realize until you go to put the tea cozy on the milk that you put the teapot full of steaming hot steeping tea in the fridge.

The last I did years ago, the first was just this morning. What notable things have you done or seen when exhaustion sabotaged your poor, defenseless brain cells?