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Kangaroo adds Kilos


I titled this post “Kangaroo adds Kilos” but that’s not strictly true: it’s the formula that adds the kilos. But only when the Kangaroo is working properly, which it hasn’t been.

Confused yet?

Yeah, thought so.

Kangaroo is the brand of feeding pump I use for Alex. Ours hasn’t been very reliable lately. Which isn’t to say there’s anything wrong with Kangaroo brand pumps, but ours was donated to us, and I have no idea how old it is. It’s probably old. We’ve had it for more than two years.

Want a visual? Here ya go:

And honestly, the only other problem we’ve had with it up until recently is the kitty. Every once in a while he’ll decide to eat the tubing to get at the formula inside. It sucks when we spring a leak the size of a kitty fang, so we have to keep an eye on him.

He’s not as innocent as he looks.

Thanks to the three lovely bloggers who gave me my three “K” words for today’s not-what-you-expected, not-A-Z post. You’ll find their links under the words “Kangaroo,” “kilos,” and “kitty.”

I don’t need suggestions today, but look for my request for them on my SoCS post tomorrow for Monday’s absolutely not the A-Z Challenge post.

Author: Linda G. Hill

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10 thoughts on “Kangaroo adds Kilos

  1. As an Aussie i was intrigued at the mention of kangaroo 🙂


  2. That’s the brand Mom used! She had a Joey. Try rubbing the tubing with orange peel. Cats are supposed to not like oranges.


  3. Cats are a real pain in the ass, aren’t they?


  4. That was a great use of those three words. Our cat chewed through the water line to the ice-maker in the fridge. How do they know there’s stuff inside?


  5. You really managed to totally use those words Linda!
    And your Kitty is gorgeous 😍


  6. Casper is a typical cat, butter would not melt! Thank goodness it’s not Winston doing the damage! .. I am impressed how the three words married up! Who’d of thought you had a machine called a Kangaroo? I hope the feeder continues to work and you all have an excellent weekend.🌹🌹


  7. Look at that little face! ❤️❤️❤️


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