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Miraculous Marzipan Maven

I am no marzipan maven. In fact, I used to take the marzipan off of my Battenberg cake before I ate it. My mum used to buy them every week when I was young. Back when we had a Marks & Spencer in the mall. I haven’t seen one–an M&S in Canada, nor a Battenberg cake–in decades.

Not that that’s at all miraculous when you think about all the stores that are going out of business. We still have our Toys ‘R’ Us here, but Payless is pretty much gone if not completely.

Does M&S still exist in England?

I dread the day when all we have left is Amazon.

Thanks to the three lovely bloggers who gave me my three “M” words for today’s not-A-Z post. You’ll find their links under the words “marzipan,” “maven,” and “miraculous.”

I’m in need of suggestions for “N” day, for my absolutely not the A-Z Challenge post tomorrow. One word per person, and please keep ’em clean.