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Deftly and Diligently Demarcating Doughnuts

I had to talk about something that started with “D.” That’s what “absolutely NOT the A to Z Challenge” is all about for a Thursday the 4th of April (as opposed to, say, a Monday the 4th of April, when we’d still be on the letter “C”).

And since the words that were suggested are all either adverbs or a verb, I figured I’d stick with doughnuts. Because who doesn’t love doughnuts?

Which, naturally, led me to the question how much deft and diligence goes into demarcating doughnuts? Because, let’s face it, there are so many different kinds! For instance, it’s got to be tricky to figure out what’s in the middle of a sugar doughnut. And what if the trays got mixed up? I can just imagine having to deftly stick something in the little hole where the jam goes in and diligently distinguish whether it’s strawberry, raspberry, or cherry, thus demarcating it and putting it in the right spot so no one *gasp!* gets the wrong doughnut.

Yeah, okay, this post is a stretch. But I still want to know …

What’s your favourite doughnut?

I’m going to need three words for the letter “E” tomorrow. One per person in the comments, please. And keep it clean. 🙂 If you’re wondering who gave me my three “D” words, click the links under the words “deft,” “diligence” (it was supposed to be “diligent,” but I figured that was close enough), and “demarcating” (should have been “demarcate”). Thank you!

Here’s my homemade “D” badge, complete with doughnuts, to go with my illegal A to Z post.