Life in progress



Why is it I get a strange look when someone describes their kid as a late-bloomer and I say mine is a bloomer? Seriously, even early-bloomers are a thing. But bloomers? Totally frowned upon.

That’s bonkers, if you ask me.

Speaking of bloomers, I’m still waiting for the spring flowers. It’s cold again, but the temperature’s supposed to go up a bit later. A few tulip shoots are starting to come through, but I’m afraid the dog might have dug up my crocuses. We’ll see, I suppose. Had I any bloomers to show you, I would.

I plan to buy myself some congratulatory balloons if I can get through this month of illegal A to Z’ing without getting caught. I wonder if there’s such a thing as a “Congratulations for not going to blogging jail” balloon? I’ll check the Dollar Store. If anyone has them, they will.

Thanks to the three bloggers who came up with my three “B” words. If you want to see who they were, click on the words “bloomer,” “bonkers,” and “balloons” above.

Same deal as yesterday with tomorrow’s “C” words–I’ll use the first three suggested in the comments. KEEP IT CLEAN! (Thank goodness the “F” word will be for SoCS! I’ve already chosen one.) One word per person.