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One-Liner Wednesday – Memories


I saw a woman on Saturday who I know, but only in context of where I usually see her, sitting behind a desk … where? Three days later, I still can’t place her, and it’s driving me nuts!!!

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57 thoughts on “One-Liner Wednesday – Memories

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  2. I remember recently seeing a guy that I knew, could not place him. Two days later I saw him walking in front of my house. Oh yea, duh He is my neighbor who you seldom see.

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  4. Like seeing my doctor at the grocery store. I couldn’t place her until I was half way home.

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  6. I used to work in a hospital hydrotherapy pool so patients only ever saw me in my bathing suit. I bumped into a patient in the supermarket once and said ‘hi’ to him, and after a second of puzzlement he said -‘Ah yes, hi Ruth, I didn’t recognise you with your clothes on!’ We didn’t half get some funny looks from other customers 🙂
    In lieu of a proper pingback, here’s my link for today! 🙂

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  7. Stupid ping back still not working!
    Here’s my contribution to the midweek madness 🤪

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  11. I ran into my dental hygienist at a concert once, and for the life of me had no idea who she was. If I see people out of context, I don’t recognize them.

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  12. ….and it’s going keep driving you crazy till you remember. I hate that. Nice one😊


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    I got involved in a conversation with WordPress about the pingback issue. If anything happens, I’ll let you know.

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  15. My gosh, this happens to me ALL the time. Sometimes I live with it, sometimes I own it right up front and ask where I know them from. Whoops.

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  16. LOL – I hate it when that happens. You’ll remember when you least expect it!

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  18. That happens to me all the time. Most recently at a race on Saturday.
    Here is my entry for the week:

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  19. I don’t know if I have mentioned this before… Bad memory!
    When I worked on Customer Service in a large supermarket I often helped out on the tills at busy times. I remember this particular chap used to come through a couple of times a week. He was nice looking and Australian. He always asked how I was and strangely as if he knew me.The girls teased me saying “he fancies you” One day I asked him if we knew each other. A huge grin covered his face as he replied, “Yes, I am your Doctor! ” 🤪😃💜

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  21. I hate it when that happens.🤪

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  22. It’s so funny when we see people in other places. I saw my regular bartender in Target – I had no clue who she was. I hope you can place this person.

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  23. That could be situational Prosopagnosia… (inability to recognise faces)
    I once didn’t recognise my neighbor when he knocked on the door he was wearing a hat.
    The hat was off-putting. 🙂

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  24. That happens to me all the time especially when it is one of my aqua gym lady, as usually I only see her in a bathing suit !

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  25. Oh I hate when that happens!!

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