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#SoCS – Rain


If it rained cats and dogs, would they fight on the way down?

If it rained men, how long would the line-ups be in emergency waiting rooms for people needing casts?

Would we run out of plaster?

I’ve always loved the sound of rain (real rain, not living, breathing rain). I felt safe sleeping in my attic room until the winds started increasing and tornadoes became more frequent in my area. Now I have a huge tree that worries me. If it fell the wrong way … Let’s just say I’m considering asking the city to take it down. Even though its shade keeps my house cool in the summer, I’m not sure it’s worth the risk.

But the gentle rain, when it hits the roof over my head is soothing. I can hear squirrels when they run across my roof–that’s how close it is.

I’m rambling.

It’s late.

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Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

11 thoughts on “#SoCS – Rain

  1. Before hurricanes, I like to hug the sycamore tree at the corner of my house and tell it to hold on tight. We imagine her roots going deep into the earth. After hurricane Florence my neighbor said we might want to think about taking it down since it’s sort of leaning over her yard. It’s been leaning like that for many years. I might get an assessment and ask if there are any trims we could make to minimize the risk. Just some thoughts from this crazy tree lady praying for your safety.


  2. Well, if it rains cats and dogs, the cats might be fine with that landing on their feet thing but for the men and dogs, casts will be needed! I love real rain sounds. But yeah, maybe get the tree trimmed back. That is worrisome!


  3. There are some great apps that simulate the sound of rain falling on the ground, the street, on a tin roof, on the roof of the car, on a canvas tent. They help me sleep.


  4. LOL I can just see the cats and dogs fighting on the way down. Definitely a cartoon feature.


  5. While pondering the prompt, I played “Raining Men” a few times on Youtube. 🙂 I love the sound of rain on roofs, even metal roofs.


  6. If it rains men, I hope they know how to do yard work.

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  7. I read the second line as, “… how long would the line-ups be in emergency waiting rooms for people needing *cats*?

    It was because of the first line. Raining cats and dogs. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

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  8. I do love rain, Linda, but I have enough with three males in my house to not want it to rain men.


  9. I with you I love the sound of rain as long as I am dry and cosy…. Get them to sort the tree. 💜💜


  10. Lovely post. I hope it never rains men or cats and dogs. Lol


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