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One-Liner Wednesday – Memories

I saw a woman on Saturday who I know, but only in context of where I usually see her, sitting behind a desk … where? Three days later, I still can’t place her, and it’s driving me nuts!!!

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Opinions Wanted – Audio Books

My dear friend Joey, at joeyfullystated commented on my Saturday post that if I go blind, there are always audio books available so I don’t have to read. That got me thinking about audio books again, as I have contemplated trying one in the past. I passed the opportunity up however, because I can’t see myself sitting still long enough to listen to a story. Add to that that I’m easily distracted by things which catch my eye, and I think it might be a waste of money. I need something to look at. All the time. Even if I’m listening to music, I’ll read the lyrics or look at the album cover.

What’s really weird is, I tend to remember things that I hear more than things that I see. If you tell me your phone number once, I’ll remember it in five years. If you show me your phone number it’ll be gone in five seconds. But I digress.

Have you ever listened to an audio book? Did you enjoy it? Were you distracted? Were you or are you hesitant to buy one? If so, why? If it’s for the same reason I’m afraid to go for it, I especially want to know – or am I the only nut in the jar?