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#SoCS – Framing things

Not sure if you’ve noticed this about me, but I tend to frame my statements with questions, especially when I’m not sure whether someone is going to agree with me. In social settings, it helps me to suss out where people stand on issues. A properly placed question will usually tell me whether someone is serious or being sarcastic, whether they feel strongly about something, and generally how receptive they might be to my sense of humour. Because it’s rare that I have a conversation–almost any kind of conversation–without humour infused into it.

Take the phone call I got from my doctor’s office yesterday. They’re sending me for all kinds of tests because of my eyes, including an MRI. (We’ll see how long that takes and whether there’s any truth to the mythical long wait times in Canada for healthcare. But I digress.) The nurse from the doctor’s office called me to ask a bunch of questions that needed answering before she could send the requisition for the MRI, including whether I had any metal implants (pacemaker, etc.), and a bunch of other stuff including whether I had any shrapnel or bullets in my body. The question was so unexpected, I started laughing. And then she started laughing. And we laughed, and we laughed, and I said no, I don’t have any of that stuff.

All this to say that if you look at life with a shallow enough perspective, you can find funny in just about everything.

Don’t you think?

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