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#SoCS – Oh Hey, a Vacation!


No, I’m not going on one. I wish! Nah, I just saw an ad on the Weather Network telling me to visit Orlando. Apparently the temperature there is a pleasant 21°C. That was actually in the ad. But what else might you expect from the Weather Network, I suppose.

The other ad on the site tonight was for Lotto 649. For non-Canadians, that’s our biggest national lottery. Winning that would definitely get me to a warmer climate in a hurry.

I used to buy lottery tickets every week. What a pipe dream that is. Although there was a stretch where I was winning enough to buy a ticket every week for a while. I think it lasted a couple of months. That was a really strange time.

It was back when I lived in Gatineau, on the Quebec side of the Ottawa provincial border. I wandered into an angel shop one day. They sold all kinds of products with angels on them, as well as stones, incense … you get the picture, I’m sure. I saw a sign on the door that said the owner gave angel readings. I asked her about them–she didn’t do them in English, so I was out of luck.

But she told me I have a beautiful aura, and that I have a man who follows me around. Not a real one–someone who was close to me who died. Then she told me to look in my car and spend the money I found there on a lottery ticket. Funny thing was, I’d already found a dollar in my car and spent it on a ticket just before I visited the shop.

And that was the dollar that won me enough to buy tickets for a couple of months.

I always thought that maybe it wasn’t as much that I was supposed to win the lottery as it was a sign that what the woman told me was right.

Well that took a turn, didn’t it?

Yeah, I still need that vacation.

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Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

33 thoughts on “#SoCS – Oh Hey, a Vacation!

  1. Great story, Linda. So, do we know who’s following you?


  2. awesome! I love those little shops that sell spiritual stuff! I love Orlando too! Been there twice in my life! The weather there is amazing! 😀


  3. I love this story! The angels want me to tell you to take a mini vacation. And that you still have a beautiful aura.


  4. That’s a super cool story. Who is this man who follows you about?
    I am always rooting for you to have a proper vacation. Of all the people I know, you need one the most. (Which is why you seldom get to take one… so ironic.)


  5. Makes me want to take a chance on a lottery ticket this week. I played for a little while when they first started the lottery here in Texas. It’s been years though. The novelty wore off. Well that and I never won anything.


  6. When I read ‘angel shop’ I thought that this must be something peculiar to Canada, not that it was a shop focused entirely on angels. Where I live in Brighton (UK), there are all kinds of interesting and unique shops, including one dedicated to the indigenous peoples of North America (oddly). No angels though.


  7. I like the story and do believe some people see more than others…or are just good at saying what people want to hear. I don’t do the lottery either …who needs the lottery when you have a unicorn and a Vampire Bear? I need a holiday too🥴💜💜💜💜


  8. I’m always one to say “if only I win the lottery!”
    But never buy a ticket!
    And hmm… A holiday would be good!


  9. What an interesting shop and story, Linda. I don’t buy lottery tickets.


  10. It is sometimes nice to have a little dear like that. Someday a big win might come your way.


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