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#SoCS – Oh Hey, a Vacation!

No, I’m not going on one. I wish! Nah, I just saw an ad on the Weather Network telling me to visit Orlando. Apparently the temperature there is a pleasant 21°C. That was actually in the ad. But what else might you expect from the Weather Network, I suppose.

The other ad on the site tonight was for Lotto 649. For non-Canadians, that’s our biggest national lottery. Winning that would definitely get me to a warmer climate in a hurry.

I used to buy lottery tickets every week. What a pipe dream that is. Although there was a stretch where I was winning enough to buy a ticket every week for a while. I think it lasted a couple of months. That was a really strange time.

It was back when I lived in Gatineau, on the Quebec side of the Ottawa provincial border. I wandered into an angel shop one day. They sold all kinds of products with angels on them, as well as stones, incense … you get the picture, I’m sure. I saw a sign on the door that said the owner gave angel readings. I asked her about them–she didn’t do them in English, so I was out of luck.

But she told me I have a beautiful aura, and that I have a man who follows me around. Not a real one–someone who was close to me who died. Then she told me to look in my car and spend the money I found there on a lottery ticket. Funny thing was, I’d already found a dollar in my car and spent it on a ticket just before I visited the shop.

And that was the dollar that won me enough to buy tickets for a couple of months.

I always thought that maybe it wasn’t as much that I was supposed to win the lottery as it was a sign that what the woman told me was right.

Well that took a turn, didn’t it?

Yeah, I still need that vacation.

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SoCS – When a bell rings…

…an angel gets its wings.

Wouldn’t it be nice to believe Angels exist? I read license plates sometimes as though they are signs from above. Sometimes they make sense right away, sometimes it takes a while to figure out exactly what their meaning is, if there is one at all. I do remember a time…

Back about ten years ago, maybe less, I spent a lot of time wishing for a partner. I often saw license plates that ended with the letters “YTD.” As a former bookkeeper, this did actually mean something to me – “year to date.” But I couldn’t help thinking that it might mean that I was going to meet someone whose name started with the letter “D.” The letters were preceded with a three digit number however. I hoped it wasn’t going to take more than 100 years to meet “D.” As it turned out, it didn’t. He was a very special part of my life, and still is though we’re now far apart once again.

By now you’re thinking “it’s a co-incidence” or “she’s nuts. Run away!” But what if I’m not?

I saw an experiment done once and I found that the results were phenomenal. I’d like you to try it. You don’t have to tell me you’re trying it, you don’t have to tell me how it worked out. It takes a week.

Come up with a word or a number combination, a name… anything you don’t see or hear on a regular basis, maybe even the ringing of a bell… and spend the next week seeing how many times you encounter that word, or name, or number combination, or sound. Let me know if you feel like it how it worked out. If you even remember this at all.

Is it co-incidence? Is it a force telling you that there is, indeed, something out there just letting you know it’s there? Could it be an Angel? You decide.

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Badge by: Doobster at Mindful Digressions

Badge by: Doobster at Mindful Digressions