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#JusJoJan 2/20 – UFO


It’s not the first time I’ve seen strange lights in the sky. I had a stationary light, too bright to be a star but too far away to be anything but celestial, shining in my bedroom window for weeks.

But this is the first time I’ve actually managed to get a picture of one.

Click and expand to get a better look.

It’s about 11 o’clock from the moon, which is right in the middle of the photo. To describe what it looked like with the naked eye, it was like a giant bird with two halves that looked like wings, and it was just as bright as the moon.

It didn’t move from its position in relation to the moon, even when I drove. I watched it for a good five minutes.

Did anyone else see it? Has anyone else seen such a thing?

Or are they just watching me …? (Heehee.)

This weird post is part of Just Jot it January 2020! Today’s prompt was “a picture you’ve taken in the last week.” If you’d like to join in, just click the following link to see how. It’s fun!


Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

24 thoughts on “#JusJoJan 2/20 – UFO

  1. Hi Linda, that was so interesting. I’ve seen things just like this and more. So many in fact that I wrote a book, A Life with UFOs: An Incredible True Story. I’ve included the 20 separate UFO sightings with images of all the UFOs. One such chapter is about the same lights as you witnessed. For more info;
    Keep looking to the skies…

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  2. VENUS IS AN ALIEN????? Has anyone told the ancient Greeks this????


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  4. Hi Linda , I think it could be Venus too, but you never know.😁💜


  5. I would guess Venus, too, but the great thing is that it caused you to look and wonder and even snap a pic. What a gift!


  6. I thought it was a star ⭐️


  7. When I lived in Georgia, I would have sworn the moon was always accompanied by Venus and when the moon was crescent, it was most beautiful.
    About the aliens — You and Sassy are the only people they watch 😉


  8. Twilight zone, dodododo,


  9. Hi Linda. It’s definitely aliens.


  10. I do think it’s Venus, but it’s always weird to see the bright ones in the sky.


  11. I’m thinking it’s a planet also, Venus most likely 😉
    Good shot of it though!


  12. I think it was the lovely goddess Venus in her planetary form… I’ve been seeing Venus a lot the last week or so just after the sun goes down but before it is totally dark.

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  13. Might be Venus which is sometimes visible with the naked eye.
    I remember this post from when we were on the boat. Is it any help?

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  14. I really enjoyed this prompt today.

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  15. These are probably mice and dolphins trying to escape the blast…

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  16. Very interesting. I have seen strange lights in the sky occasionally but we live so close to the airport that I’m pretty sure they are planes.

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