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One-Liner Wednesday – Random

Because life is random.

Photo: A kitchen chair sitting on a 6ft. x 6ft. x 6ft box (I think it’s a transformer thing) on the edge of an empty soccer field.

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#JusJoJan 2/20 – UFO

It’s not the first time I’ve seen strange lights in the sky. I had a stationary light, too bright to be a star but too far away to be anything but celestial, shining in my bedroom window for weeks.

But this is the first time I’ve actually managed to get a picture of one.

Click and expand to get a better look.

It’s about 11 o’clock from the moon, which is right in the middle of the photo. To describe what it looked like with the naked eye, it was like a giant bird with two halves that looked like wings, and it was just as bright as the moon.

It didn’t move from its position in relation to the moon, even when I drove. I watched it for a good five minutes.

Did anyone else see it? Has anyone else seen such a thing?

Or are they just watching me …? (Heehee.)

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330. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Friday, July 27th, 8:00pm
MoJo and JoJo


JoJo: Dude. What do you say to a double date tomorrow night, man?

MoJo: I dunno man. Things are so weird lately! I think it must be the full moon or somethin’.

JoJo: It’s a blood moon.

MoJo: You serious?

JoJo: Yeah. And it’s in Aquarius, too, man.

MoJo: You’re a lunatic, Dude.

JoJo: No really! It’s gonna change lives and everything! (realization dawns) Oh, I see what you did there. (chuckles) Is that something like a FAN-atic?

MoJo: Oh Dude. With all this heat we’re getting, I’m definitely one of those.

JoJo: Me too, Dude. Me too.


Next stop: Saturday, July 28th, 5:00pm

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205. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Saturday, March 24th, 8:00pm
Lacey (and Edward)


Lacey sits at the window. Edward pops up in the seat behind her.

Edward: (into her ear) Hello.

Lacey: (jumps) Ugh! You again? Why do you do that?

Edward: (smiles, showing fake fangs) Because I can. What’s your friend’s name again?

Lacey: Andrea?

Edward: Yes. That one. Is she still in love with me?

Lacey: (rolls her eyes) Yes. But I have no idea why. She really needs to …

Edward: Would she dye her hair for me?

Lacey: (without interruption) … stay away from y … What did you say?

Edward: Do you think she’d dye her hair blond?

Lacey: What the hell for?

Edward: (looks up at the ceiling) Oh, no reason.

Lacey: (narrows her eyes) You want her to look like that Bella chick you’ve been trying to get, don’t you.

Edward: No.

Lacey: Then why?

Edward: I just happen to like … I mean, I prefer … No reason. Can you ask her to dye her hair and meet me on the bus Tuesday night?

Lacey: No.

Edward: When will she be back on the bus?

Lacey: Not telling.

Edward: (after a moment of silence) Do you want to be blond?

Lacey: No!

Edward: (under his breath) Damn.


Next stop: Sunday, March 25th, 10:00am

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#ThursdayDoors – What the …

Just a quickie for Norm Frampton’s photo prompt, Thursday Doors. I’m looking for suggestions on what this might be all about. It’s been there for weeks.

It’s empty apart from the clear liquid – the darkness inside is just a reflection.


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What we make of things

They say some things in life only have as much significance as we give to them. I suppose you could say that about everything and everyone – the things and people we find dear to us are those that have a place in our hearts. A person can have significance to us because we relate to them, or because they’re family. An item can be meaningful for its monetary value (if money in general matters to us) or for the memories it conjures.

Then there are the things we make up meanings for; a recurring dream, the sighting of a black cat, or a ring around the moon for instance. For me, for the past twenty years or so, it’s a number sequence that keeps coming up. I think of it as maybe something that pops in once in a while to say, hey, I’m still here watching over you. The number sequence is 911. It doesn’t always have to be precisely in that order – sometimes it’s a whole jumble of 1s and 9s that gets my attention. Sometimes I even have to add up the numbers in a sequence to come up with it. Like this little gem I encountered the other day:

1111119999The 1s are obvious. But then 4+7=11 and for the 9s, 18 halved is two more. So out of this I got 1111119999. I think that’s pretty cool.

By now I predict you’re either you’re intrigued or your finger is hovering above the let’s-move-on button. But before you go, let me ask you; what have you invented a significance for? Is there anything? Or do you just stick to people, objects, or even places? Or hey, feel free to let me know if you think I’m just weird.