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#SoCS – Motion


The motion of the ocean…

Why isn’t ocean spelled “otion”? Ah, the English language. It makes no sense.

When I was little, maybe 5? 6? years old, I asked all the adults around me (and I actually remember this) why you didn’t write a number like thirty-four out as 304. Because that’s how you say it, right? 30 4. Thirty four. None of the adults understood what I was saying. They just told me you couldn’t do it. Nope. No way.

(Adults had no imagination when I was a kid.)

But NOW …

There’s a house in my neighbourhood. It’s an old house, but it was sold, and the new owners painted the red brick white and snazzed it up. (I liked it better the old way, but there you go. It’s not my house.) Anyhoo, when they screwed the numbers back on the front of the house, they put up these HUGE things in sleek silver.

The number on the house?


And it pisses me off.


What happened to that innocent little kid with an imagination?



The only way you can know if the actual address on this house is 34 or 304 is to look at its neighbour. (It’s 32.)


Someone who has my brilliant imagination took it to a ridiculous(!) extreme and stuck it on a building.


Just thinking about it makes me mad.

So back to motion…

(So I can stop thinking about that poor old house.)

What’s the saying? Things in motion tend to stay in motion, or something like that.

That’s my brain. Thank goodness. These days at least.

The tinnitus hasn’t stopped, not for a second. It SCREAMS at me in the morning when I wake up and every single time I think of it during the day. But when I stop thinking about it? I don’t notice it.

So if I can concentrate on something … really concentrate on something … I get relief.

Brains in motion.


Running away from zombies.

And that’s where I get stuck for the night.



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Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

8 thoughts on “#SoCS – Motion

  1. A great read – how unusual that they have the same imagination and reasoning that you had as a child. And my sympathies on the tinnitus. I can relate as I have one-sided tinnitus. And when I really concentrate, I can make it go away for a while. The only really effective way I can alter it is to keep away from foods that contain a high level of salicylates and keep well hydrated. It is bliss to be without it for a few days.
    I have joined in with the Socs, even though it is well past Saturday. I am not sure if this is what it is all about. I am just feeling my way with it. I will post a link on the page with the prompt.


  2. So many of us seem to be plagued with this tinnitus. My brother blames loud music when we were young, I feel like that could be part of it, but why did it just start a few years ago if so? Mine is very bad, I’ve written countless blogs and articles about it. I’ve seen a commercial on tv from a local audiology center conducting a study on it, I wish I had time to commit to it, but I believe they need you for 10 days and I can’t commit to that right now. Have you tried any home remedies? Seen an ENT? I have done both to no avail. I guess we are stuck dealing with it.


  3. Lol Linda! Sorry the tinatus is bothering you! How horrible! xoxo

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  4. Tinnitus is my constant companion. I notice some things make it worse and some better. It is a deplorable mate. Adults squash kids imagination all the time! It is nice to finally get the recognition for your remarkable idea even if all these years later.

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  5. I know what you mean about the tinnitus. It drives me crazy when I’m trying to fall asleep. Then I’m focused on it and can’t not “hear” it….ugh. Cute post! Oh yes, I think they’ll regret not having normal numbers on their house. But…have you met them? Maybe the numbers reflect equally “fun” personalities… (otion is very clever, btw! Never thought of it before, but it does make sense)

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  6. Maybe your new neighbor had an experience like yours. Still, having had to call an ambulance, I can say that house numbers need to be clear. I’m so sorry about the tinnitus. I hope you have a good week.

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  7. so funny that they did that, i’m quite sure there will be endless confusion, and over time, they may change it. i’m so sorry you’re dealing with tinnitus, i have a good friend who is as well, and it sounds very challenging to live with.

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  8. The Tinnitus is a nightmare, sorry it is plaguing you. As for the house and it’s ridiculous number, maybe they will sort it when their post goes adrift and visitors, workmen and deliveries can’t find number 34! 😜💜💜

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