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#SoCS – Misty


As I come to the end of a full year of being sequestered in my home with my three kids, I’m looking back and thinking never has there been a year so slow and yet so very focused. So focused, in fact that there aren’t many moments I think I’m forgetting. It’s the least misty year in my existence.

Because I haven’t done anything. I can remember details like beginning the year going to the grocery store on Fridays, and gradually working all the way back to Thursdays, Wednesdays, Tuesdays, Mondays and now Sundays. I haven’t been inside a store on a Saturday all year.

Imagine remembering that kind of thing in a normal year?

I’ve written stories–books, even. I’ve published two books and one short story. I’ve moved from sitting on the couch to a desk in the spare bedroom. I’ve been to two–count ’em–TWO live concerts in Japan without leaving my house. And I’ve learned that “zoom” isn’t just what cars do as they go by. I’ve walked more than a million steps without leaving my neighbourhood.

And I’ve had the honour of spending more time with my kids than I knew I could without going insane.

How has your year been?

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This very late, decidedly unmisty post was brought to you by Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Find the prompt here and join in!

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

17 thoughts on “#SoCS – Misty

  1. Your memory is phenomenal. New strengths emerge. Mine has been getting to know my neighborhood from less time in the car.


  2. I dunno how anyone has managed, but here we are, what’s left of our sanity. Sequestered is so apt.


  3. It has been a clearly defined year, Linda – even as we waited for answers.

    Thank you for supporting us with your prompts. They have been a bit or normal in my week.


  4. Misty too … and yes more time with kids 😊


  5. See, this is what they mean when they say every cloud has it’s silver lining!


  6. There were some advantages of staying home.


  7. From articles I’ve read and medical professionals I’ve talked to, the memory “loss” thing is normal. Our brains are having to adjust to so many new changes, it can only process so much.
    I lost complete track of days and time. I’ve had to set reminders – constantly. It gets to be exhausting.
    I hope normal (as we knew it) can return soon. ❤️

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  8. Kind of a blur. I can’t remember specifics that well as days blended into weekends with no social events as landmarks in my mind. That said, I have been lucky to stay fully employed. Thanks for keeping up with the SOCS ~ it’s one of my favorite prompts ❤️


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