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Zoomie – #JusJoJan 2019 Jot #24

When I posted the prompt last night for “zoomie,” brought to us by the lovely Bee (click here for her zoomie post), I did an obligatory check in the dictionary. It was as I thought — not there.

So I checked Google and discovered it’s the most awesome and appropriate word for what a dog does when it zooms around with excitement. I think the only dog I’ve ever had who didn’t do it indoors (thank goodness) was my Saint Bernard, George.

I was a bit zoomie myself as a child. I loved running. I wish I still loved it, but years of childhood exposure to second-hand smoke finished my lungs off. I have no doubt I’d be a runner otherwise.

Today, I’ve been zooming here and there for Alex’s sake. Yet another snow day. I’m hoping to be able to visit my mother in the hospital tomorrow. If it’s another snow day, I may just run away from home.

… okay, walk away from home. Semantics.

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280. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Thursday, June 7th, 4:00pm
Jocelyn and Jody


Jody: Mommy?

Jocelyn: Yes, dear?

Jody: (points to a nun, seated across the aisle) Is that a penguin?

Jocelyn: No, that’s a nun.

Jody: That’s what Daddy told me.

Jocelyn: (frowns) What did Daddy tell you?

Jody: I asked if there were any penguins here, and he said there’s none.


Next stop: Friday, June 8th, 9:00pm

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#SoCS – Grilled Cheese

I had no idea, honestly, what I was going to write for today’s prompt. Here in Canada we don’t call the thing we cook on outside “The Grill” as much as we call it just a plain old barbeque. (I spell it that way because in this household with all the sign language going on, we fingerspell it “BBQ” for Alex.) (And anyway, it’s English, damnit.) Nine times out of ten if you read the cooking instructions on Canadian food packaging, it will say “In the Frying Pan,” or “On the Barbeque” rather than “On the Grill.” Holy Hell, where am I with this post?

Oh yeah. So we do grill vegetables but we do it on the barbeque, so my idea for this prompt wasn’t to talk about cooking on “The Grill.” My idea was nothing, really, except the word “grill.”

But then my son Chris came out to the kitchen and asked me to make his grilled cheese sandwich. He has one at 11:30am every day. It’s his schedule, which can’t be deviated from. When he said it I was, like, “duh!” There’s my prompt.

When I first discovered grilled cheese sandwiches back as a teenager, I think, I was told they were made by buttering both sides of the bread. And I actually did it for a while, before I figured out I only really needed to butter the outside. What a mess! (This, by the way, is something I’ve never told anyone. You’re the first to know!) Of course grilled cheese sandwiches have nothing to do with a grill of any kind, and I have no idea why they’re called that.

I do hope my kids realize after I’m gone how much of their history (and mine) is recorded here in this blog. They stand to learn so much about their mother and where they came from before they were born. But they never read it.

I should write a memoir one day. I wish my parents had.

Happy long weekend to all my friends in the US!

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Ugly Very Smoke

My illegal following of the A to Z Challenge went off the rails yesterday when I missed the letter “U.” May as well handcuff me and drag me off to blogger jail, because I’m back with “U” and “V” combined today. And I’m a bit of a grumpy camper, so make sure those cuffs are good and tight.

And could we PLEEAASE make blogger jail my room? Where my bed is? ‘Coz I’m sleep-deprived.

You see, last night at (hang on, what does it say on my Fitbit?) 1:29am, my eldest son came into my room and told me I had to get up. Confused, I dragged myself down the stairs trying to make sense of why he was saying he wanted to call 911. Turns out he’d preheated the oven not realizing that he’d spilled butter in it the last time he used it.

There was smoke. There was so much smoke that even with three windows and a door open in the kitchen, my eyes were still watering and my throat still hurt. The oven was off but smoke still billowed out of the vent while it cooled down.

According to my trusty Fitbit, I didn’t get back to bed until 2:11. Where I lay and contemplated the fact that my son woke me up, not my fire alarm.

My best friend, John, came over this morning and changed the batteries in the three (count ’em–THREE) alarms that didn’t work last night, but I haven’t started up the oven to check and see if they’re any better at detecting smoke …

My throat hasn’t recovered yet.

I should probably do that tomorrow. When I HOPE the word of the day won’t be “water.”


Just for fun

Oh universe, how you seem to love throwing challenges at me. Do you do it just for shits and giggles? Or is the purpose of it to “make me stronger,” since nothing has killed me yet?

Alex is sick. And I feel like I might be coming down with whatever he has. This cold (I really hope it’s not the flu–he’s had a shot, I haven’t) came on fast. He spent most of the day laying on the couch and he’s complaining of a very sore throat. The dry air in the house combined with his stuffed up nose likely isn’t helping.

I suppose there’s some good news: I won’t have to get up at 5:30 in the morning to feed him.

I think I’ll go to bed early. Staying up late certainly won’t help me stay healthy.

Cheers with vitamin C, my friends.



129. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Sunday, January 7th, 3:00pm
Christine and Teddy


Teddy: Mom?

Christine: Yeah, honey?

Teddy: Why is it so cold out?

Christine: ‘Coz it’s winter.

Teddy: Why is it winter?

Christine: ‘Coz that’s just what time of year it is.

Teddy: Don’t bears go to sleep in the winter?

Christine: Yes they do.

Teddy: Why don’t we go to sleep in the winter?

Christine: Because we don’t need to.

Teddy: Do bears need to?

Christine: Yes.

Teddy: Do you need to?

Christine: Only at night.

Teddy: Why do you have to sleep at night?

Christine: Same reason you do.

Teddy: But sometimes I don’t sleep at night.

Christine: I’m painfully aware of that.

Teddy: Does it hurt?

Christine: Not really.

Teddy: Then why do you keep telling me to go to sleep?

Christine: Because you need sleep.

Teddy: Is that why you called me Teddy?

Christine: (regards him) Yes.


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117. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Monday, December 26th, 10:00am 11:30am
Jocelyn and Jody


Jody: Mommy?

Jocelyn: Yes?

Jody: Why do they call it Boxing Day?

Jocelyn: Maybe because it’s the day you throw out all the boxes things came in for Christmas.

Jody: Then why don’t the stores just sell things without boxes?

Jocelyn: I don’t know. Maybe when you’re bigger you can find a better way of doing things.

Jody: I’d just sell things in bags. Then we can call it Bagged Day.

Jocelyn: That’s a good name for it anyway.


Next stop: Tuesday, December 27th, 8:00pm

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