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A Belated #JusJoJan the 18th – Cycle

As promised, I’m catching up on the #JusJoJan posts. The prompt for this post was brought to you by Just Jot it January in February and JoAnna! Check out JoAnna’s latest blog post here!


It was around this time last year when I bought a treadmill. The only place to put it was the living room, which is handy, I suppose. I can use it and keep an eye on Alex at the same time. And when he uses it, he can still watch TV. But the treadmill is very heavy and can’t be moved much, and it takes up a lot of room. So much so, that I often wish I’d bought a stationary bike instead. However as much as I like to cycle, I like walking more.

It’s a conundrum.

I used to love cycling when I was a teenager. I’d spend hours riding my ten-speed around town. I probably haven’t been on a bike in close to forty years.

But they say once you learn, you never forget.

Maybe one day I’ll put that theory to the test.


Watch out for Just Jot it January next year. It’s fun!