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Liking Comments on WordPress

I’m having a bit of a love/hate relationship with the addition of the new “like” button in the comment window. My first reaction when people started putting the button on their own blogs in the comment section was that it was a lazy way of saying to someone that you either agree with them or that you enjoyed their comment. Before it showed up, one was forced to actually write out his or her thoughts. I wasn’t going to put the option of “liking” comments on my blog. Now, it seems, I don’t have a choice. If the comment shows up in the notification box, it’s fair game for a “like.”

Now I’m not saying I don’t think anyone should use them, nor am I complaining when someone “likes” one of my comments. Though I still think it’s a way to be lazy, I find it handy to use when all I really want to do is acknowledge that I’ve read a comment. Particularly if that comment is simply a 🙂 Thus, my love/hate relationship with it.

What do you think of it? How do you use it the most?


So the Like Button isn’t working, WordPress!

I’ve had 15 likes on my previous post, but only one is showing up. I only know this because I have notifications in my email that people have ‘liked’ it.

Also, I have been the ‘first to like’ every post I’ve clicked the button on all day.

So if you don’t have email notifications, don’t worry. People really do like your posts. It’s a WordPress glitch.