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Adventures on my Paper Route – short and bitter



Just a quick update today for those of you who are following my sad little story. I was standing with my back to Nosehair when I took these pictures today so he wouldn’t see the final moments of his neighbour standing tall (though I think he could still see over my head).


You can see the large parts of the trunk falling. While compared to the news of the world this is really nothing, I find it sad when these old trees come down. We’ve lost a few in the last year. Hopefully Nosehair won’t be next.

Kira suggested yesterday that Charles might send over some of his Windemere characters to help out with Nosehair’s cause, to avoid becoming one of my newspapers.  Charles?

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

28 thoughts on “Adventures on my Paper Route – short and bitter

  1. Scotch thief! All my gold label is gone! Who done it?!?


  2. Help is needed and Quick I am sending Vlad!!xxx


  3. Damn you HUMAN!!! why are you so destructive , leave us alone . I bet that is what Nosehair is going to say.


  4. I love how you think. If I could, I’d be hugging a tree with my Kindle or tablet in hand. We need trees! I love that you named them and treat them as the sentient beings we all know them to be!


  5. I hate to see those trees coming down…
    Just hope Nosehair gets a little brother…


    • That would help. So far nothing has gone in the ground to replace the others that have come down.


      • Isn’t that wrong? I mean, there should be a law or something about this. If someone wants to cut a tree, they should plant two first and PROVE that they have planted those trees. It would at least maintain the balance…


        • There are laws in some towns that prevent people from cutting them down without a permit in the first place. But where I live there are SO many trees that they haven’t put the law into place. Yet.
          Many of these trees are just too old and in danger of falling on houses. But as you say, there’s nothing stopping people from planting new ones! I know if the big one in front of my house comes down there will be one to replace it very quickly.


  6. I can. Depends on what you need done though.


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