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EDDD 10 – The Deal Breaker

This will be my pathetic contribution to Every Damned Day December today, because I’m tired and I probably won’t have anything else before I go to bed.

So. The size of the font that you have to work with when you type a comment – is it a deal breaker? Because it seems I can’t change it. And I only have 48 hours to get my money back on this theme.

Sorry to ask so much in one day, but I’d really appreciate some input.

Thanks 😀


 Blog post of December 10th, in honour of Every Damn Day December. Check it out!


New Theme, New Colours, Have a Look!

I found the theme I’m going to stick with, finally.

So what do you think? Easy enough to read? Have I made everyone happy with my background colour? How about the text colour and size?

I’m wondering if it’s too busy, with the header and the background.

I’d love to know what everyone thinks. 🙂