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EDDD 15 – What I don’t want to write

Having never had a blog at Christmas before, I had no idea what to expect. Okay, technically I did open this blog in July of 2012, but I wrote one post and promptly forgot about it until late January of this year.

So how am I enjoying my first Christmas experience on WordPress? It’s good and then it’s not. I’m very pleased with the comments I’ve had on my posts so far – many people have shared their own past Christmas adventures with me and I love it. What I’m disappointed about however, is the fact that I can’t seem to be able to write about anything else. Christmas has consumed every part of my life it seems. I haven’t written anything fictional to speak of (other than a few poems and my The Note series on my fiction blog) since NaNoWriMo finished.

So I’m hoping you’ll bear with me while I try to find something else to talk about. I realize my blog probably hasn’t been very interesting lately to those who don’t celebrate Christmas, and to you, I apologize.

Oh, how I need a break.

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