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Is It Just Me?

Is it just me or does it seem like this is the worst time of year for colds? Every year at Christmas time, someone in my family gets sick. It’s awful when it’s me, because I’m the one everyone counts on to do all the shopping, the wrapping, and the cooking, on top of everything else. This year (knock on wood) it’s not me though. It’s Alex, my little guy.

If it’s just a cold, I’ll be able to keep him home. It’ll be rough, with sleepless nights and plenty of whining, but we’ll make it. If it’s the flu, off to the hospital we’ll go for a nice leisurely stay (for him, he loves the hospital) and for me it’ll be running back and forth for this and that, because they don’t have the equipment to feed him, they can’t get the formula he drinks, and they can’t make up his medicine without the recipe. They also don’t have his size in diapers. Oh, and of course they don’t have sign language interpreters, and none of the nurses, nor any of the doctors (so far) know American Sign Language. It’s loads of fun for Alex – he laughs at them when they try to sign to him – unless he’s very sick, and then I receive phone calls in the middle of the night asking for translations.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, aren’t I? I certainly hope so. Wish us luck!


EDDD 20 – All I Want – World Peace

It’s Day Five of “All I Want,” and today I’d like to ask what you would do to make the world a better place, if you could.

The wish for world peace, to feed the hungry, to end poverty and abuse, and to rid the planet of disease is an ideal for many of us. Some have a favourite charity; many like me find it hard to decide on just one.

We’ve all heard the adage, ‘Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, but teach a man to fish and he’ll feed himself for a lifetime.’ Given this, I’ve pondered what, if I could teach enough people, would make a difference in the world. I came up with one idea.

I would teach people to choose their battles wisely – to not sweat the small stuff, so to speak. For instance, if something someone is doing isn’t going to hurt anyone, simply let them get on with it in their own way. On a purely domestic level I believe to do so would create peace and harmony in homes, in neighbourhoods, and in towns and cities. To teach people to live and let live may not end wars, but it would certainly make many places in the world a better place to live.

What would you do, if you could, to make the world a better place? Would you teach the world a skill? Would you build a shelter in your own neighbourhood for people who need it?

I want to hear from you.

Blog post of December 20th, in honour of Every Damn Day December. Check it out!