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There’s Pain and then There’s Pain (and then there’s pain in the rain)


This morning while waiting outside for Alex’s school bus with Alex and my best friend John, I lifted my right hand to point at something and felt a shooting pain through my shoulder. I moaned. Not normally being one to complain about aches and pains, I thought about what made me so miserable where this shoulder thing is concerned.

Being that I was diagnosed with arthritis in it, I explained to John that pain has never really bothered me that much. I just live with it. But I realise it’s different this time, because I’m not sure it’ll ever go away: I may very well have to suffer with this one for the rest of my life.

I suppose just saying that made me deserve what was to come. At the house of the second customer on my paper route, I missed a step on the way down and landed on my knee on their brick pathway.

It could have been worse though – I could be out in the torrential downpour I’m watching through the window as I type this.

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

30 thoughts on “There’s Pain and then There’s Pain (and then there’s pain in the rain)

  1. Well….I am not a doctor, are and I don’t know your doctor, and x-rays are proof, but I kinda wonder if it’s arthritis ONLY, because arthritis hurts regardless of movement. Does your shoulder hurt when you’re still?
    Given that it was morning (stiffness for arthritis) and damp (my hands know when weather changes) your arthritis could be inflaming another condition, or the inflammation could be that whole condition altogether. Arthritis is more of an ache. Like a toothache in your joints. Constant, throbbing ache when it flares. No shooting pains. Shooting pains have never been part of my (25 years) arthritis. I want you to see another doctor, mk? And I second the advice to acupuncture.
    Also, I’m really sorry you’re having a bad go lately. I offer you cyber hugs.


    • Nope, unless I move my arm a certain way, it doesn’t hurt at all. But when it does hurt, it feels like someone has shot me with a flaming arrow.
      What worries me is, twice in my life I’ve had lung xrays and been told I was fine only to be called days later to inform me that I had pneumonia. What this tells me is that the facts are there, but you don’t want an idiot interpreting them. My doctor is a flipping twit. I’ll be looking for another GP.
      Thanks very much for the hugs, Joey. Much appreciated. πŸ™‚


  2. Oh, you poor girl! I do hope you’re mending up over there a bit. Makes me wish we were all Weebles….remember them? Feel better soon!


  3. Yes Hun it could be worse there will be a plethora of souls telling you just how much worse! But Damn it that does not help so I am sending you a hug!! xxxxxxxx


  4. Ouch. Kind of makes my aching legs and butt today pale into comparison. Hope the pain eases for you.


  5. We don’t bounce like we used to eh? Sorry to hear. I hope you can find some relief, if not complete at least soon.

    Favourite line? “Yes… yes. He vaz my boyfwiend!”


  6. Sorry you’re in pain. Hope it passes soon.


  7. Dang, sorry to hear that! I don’t know how you feel about alternative medicine but if you were here I’d give you my acupuncurist’s card. I’m convinced that she can fix just about anything πŸ™‚


  8. About the shoulder: maybe you have a frozen rotator cuff issue. It’s extremely painful whenever you move your arm, as in pointing or reaching for something. I’ve had it twice, once in each shoulder and had to go through physical therapy to “unfreeze” it.

    About the paper route injury: when I was a kid I was running late on my route and, wearing a pair of sneakers, kicked a cement step really hard and broke my big toe. Ouch.

    About Young Frankenstein: One of my all-time favorite movies!


    • I actually wondered if it was the rotator cuff – had an x-ray and ultrasound done and apparently everything is fine. Then again, my doctor is an idiot. I really need a new doctor.
      I hesitate to say I haven’t broken anything yet…. Ouch is right!
      And yeah, Young Frankenstein is my favourite comedy of all time. πŸ˜€


  9. I hope the knee pain at least distracted you from the shoulder thing 😦


  10. Oops. I wasn’t sure if I should like this post. Hope it wasn’t a bad fall.


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