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Precious Body – Stream of Consciousness Saturday (Body)


“Is he always this happy?”

It’s the question I am most asked about my thirteen year old son. At 60 pounds and 4’3″, with the amount of enthusiasm he has for everything, he can easily pass for an eight year old.

Born Deaf, his lungs are compressed by his large, deformed heart. He’s barrel-chested and is covered in scars, least of which is the tube in his stomach from whence he receives 99% of his nutrition. He is hooked up to a feeding machine about five hours a day. I’m sure he experiences pain – more than likely he’s been through more than most of us in his short life.

But I marvel at his little body. That he keeps going without complaint – he’s never known any different. I’m sure he’s realized by now that he’s not the same as most kids. One of his major goals in life is to eat in the cafeteria with the other kids at school, instead of being sent to the infirmary for lunch every day.

It amazes me what the human body can endure and still keep going. We think of ourselves as fragile. We grieve when something stops working. Our eyesight fades, our hearing goes, our muscles tire more easily – but imagine if you had always been this way.

My son is a constant inspiration to me. Everywhere he goes he makes people smile with his joy in life.

The answer to the question: “Yes.”


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Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

40 thoughts on “Precious Body – Stream of Consciousness Saturday (Body)

  1. This is beautiful. I once knew a boy much like this. He was also happy, always, with a smile that danced in vivid eyes and a laugh that begged company. He couldn’t speak in words, but he was fluent in smiles and laughter.

    Thank you for sharing, and for the memory of a boy who was precious to me, even if I was “only” a caretaker.


  2. A lovely, poignant post Linda. I’m thinking he is a lucky (and happy) boy though, having you for a mother. πŸ™‚


  3. This brought tears to my eyes. Thanks Linda.


  4. What an inspiration. Thanks Linda


  5. Such a strong little man, indeed. We could learn a lot from him. I know I could take some of those cues.


  6. Your son sounds like such a beautiful person. His attitude impresses me too…some people are so good at handling difficulties with grace and positivity, while others complain about so much less. I try to remember this when I get down about something, and now I’ll think of you and your son too — his approach is one we should all try to emulate. Thank you for this lovely post and thought-provoking SOCS prompt.


    • Thanks so much for your kind words. πŸ™‚
      Everyone has problems, big and small, and everyone handles them differently. I try to never begrudge anyone their complaints, no matter how small the problem. What I would like to be able to teach them is not to dwell on the small stuff when they can choose instead to be happy.


  7. Reblogged this on The Good Lifestyler and commented:
    Incredible story! I’m really amazed by what some people endure throughout their lives.


  8. Oh…my. I think my post could have been a response to this from the other side, but I hadn’t read it before I wrote mine.


  9. “Yes” is the best answer.
    I’ve wondered similarly about people who’ve only known pain and struggle, seemingly without reprieve. We all do what we can, and we sometimes think we won’t get through, but there he is, smiling…
    Great post! Gratitude and hope for you and yours.


    • Thanks very much, Joey. It’s true, we do do what we must when faced with a challenge. For some it’s to run, for others, fight and still for others it’s just to go with the flow and choose to be happy. πŸ™‚


  10. Strength must run in the family. Inspiring child…and mother!


  11. This thought, this realization, this connection with the photo of your dear son you recently posted with another story, makes me very happy today, too, Linda G, for his joy, for what takes from what he was given, and for what he gives you. Bless you both, my friend.


  12. I think both of you are an inspiration! Thanks for telling us your stories πŸ™‚


  13. Excellent post and great answer. He’s definitely a strong one.


  14. Very good post Linda πŸ˜€
    Our body can stand very much and our mind even more. Often we forget to think about people who are born in a different way and need other kind of care than mostly.
    Your son is a good example of a happy boy as are able to enjoy his life even he has this, for us, small wish about the cafeterΓ­a, which for him is big.
    Best wishes for both of you Linda πŸ™‚


  15. If only we as adults could see life through a child’s eyes. Awesome post!


  16. I feel like giving you and your son a big bear hug πŸ™‚
    And it is very true, our body can endure a lot. Its the mind most of the times that requires some support.


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