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Hello Little Tuna


Let Sleeping Tunas Lie

Let Sleeping Tunas Lie

If you’re wondering why there is no apparent fish in the photo, see this post: A Tuna Built a Nest Under My Front Steps! Either way, please click on the picture to see the full effect.

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

11 thoughts on “Hello Little Tuna

  1. Cool post dear 😀
    Tuna moments are gloriously weird and wonderful.
    Once my son asked me for some fresh air and I said ‘yes you can have a coke’ (please – I can NOT explain my mis-hearing that!)
    Anyhow – coke ahas ever since been called ‘fresh air’ –
    We of course have several of these renaming of things happen per week.
    NOBODY would understand a word we say if they were to overhear us! 😀 LOVE IT!
    Pretty cool picture too hey.


  2. How did you get a tuna in your flowers? And I noticed that your front stairs are close by – where does your beau stay while the tunas are flying nearby?


  3. LOL! I went back and read the other one too ;-). Hilarious!


  4. I love the bumblebee!


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