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Writer’s Quote Wednesday – As I See It


I’m trying something new today. I’m participating in my dear friend Colleen’s prompt over at Silver Threading. Her rules in “Writer’s Quote Wednesday” state that the quote can be by a famous writer or by ourselves, since we’re all writers after all. So I’ve taken the liberty of writing my own statement, as I see it. I have to say it’s a little weird quoting myself. I hope it doesn’t seem too presumptuous.




Here is the link to Colleen’s prompt today: Please join in!


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27 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday – As I See It

  1. Oh how I love your quote Linda. It fills me with such purpose, passion, and pride, while I read it. Lovely work. ❀️


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  3. Brava! This is the truth. Definitely how I see writing as well.


  4. Ooooo, I like that! You’re good, very quotable indeed!


  5. Your quotation is a great fulfilment of what it describes. Well done, LGH.


  6. Had to share this on my Pinterest. Bravo. πŸ™‚


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  8. Ooo I do like this – it’s being added to my favourite quotes list on my computer. Very nice πŸ™‚


  9. Linda that is beautiful! I got goosebumps reading it. Thank you so much!


  10. Such a musical quote! your metaphoric choice of words was musical also.


  11. Lots to mull over with quote–great metaphor for writing fiction.


  12. Very nice! I like that.


  13. Very Cool Linda πŸ™‚


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