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SoCS – Look! A New Word!

I used this prompt to look up a new word. A new word for me, at least. I’d always wondered what it meant; now I know. The word is “insouciant.” It means easy-going, gay, happy-go-lucky, and untroubled.

I want to be insouciant. It’s pronounced “in-soo-see-ant” if you’re wondering. I want to be carefree and not worried about anything. And I think I can be, if I really want to. How, you may ask, would someone with as many people relying on them as I have be insouciant?

I think the key (or one of them) is in not procrastinating. I find that if I put things off I end up with a whole ball of stress sitting with me at the end of the day – stress caused by all the things I need to do tomorrow because I did none of them today. It adds up and I end up worrying. And uninsouciant. According to my spellcheck that’s not a word… and neither is spellcheck. Go figure. But will I worry about that? Hell no!

How else can I be insouciant? I think just by deciding not to worry about things I can be a little more carefree. Not to say that I don’t consider my responsibilities important… but only concentrating on what’s in front of me rather than doing things I’m supposed to be doing AND worrying that I’m not doing something else – that’s senseless. In fact, by fully focusing on the task at hand, I’m more likely to be more efficient at it than if my mind is elsewhere.

So here’s to insouciance! Practice with me, won’t you?


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Hey, Geek Squad, give Linda G. a new laptop

Team Pepper (aka Team AWESOME) captain Mr. Mark has been kind enough to conduct a social media experiment on my behalf, to get Best Buy’s attention. Check out his post and let’s see how far this can go.

Mark Bialczak

I think Linda G. Hill deserves a brand new laptop from her local Geek Squad.

Do you want to become part of a grand blogging/social media experiment with me today?

Reblog. Share. See how far we can get this statement out, out, out.

Here’s the back story, as I was reminded by Nano Poblano teammate Linda G’s post Friday.

(From (From

She took her broken laptop to her Geek Squad reps with a battery problem half a year ago. The battery they ordered just came in. It was the wrong battery. They want her to wait around some more.

She wondered in her little story why they don’t give her a new laptop. Take a look at the happy Geek Squad agents in the logo I culled directly from their site above? Don’t they look like they might get on the phone, call headquarters, and get the OK to…

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