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Nano Poblano – Day 30: Something Profound

For my final Team Pepper post I really wanted to find something profound to write. Something to uplift and inspire. Something that people far and wide will remember for years to come. Something from my own mind, rather than words regurgitated from the world wide web. Something barfed up from my own mouth… in a delicate way. A burp almost. But tangible. Something that my readers can latch onto and hold close to their hearts.

Here it goes.

Are you ready?

Get off the damned computer and go outside already! The internet isn’t real life! Real life exists when you get off your ass and live it!!!

How did I do?

This inspirational piece of originality has been brought to you in conjunction with Mr. Wonderful’s Soon-To-Be-Defunct-But-Never-To-Be-Forgotten-Marktastic-Roadshow


and NaBloThisMoUpAlready




There are times when I feel so much, I could almost make up my own language. Because nothing in English can describe what I feel. With an overwhelming sense of torture can beauty–real beauty–penetrate my mind to press tears at the backs of my eyes and make my ears ring and it’s like OH OH OH I can’t stand it and I have to look away. Or dance.

How can one be surrounded with such stuff and survive? And yet I’ll follow it to the ends of the earth; craving it, desiring to be close to it no matter the cost.

In that moment that I am there, before the beauty, in the music, I am most alive… and grieving that it will die. And I with it.

Such is beauty. There are no words.