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SoCS – Three out of Four

According to my horoscope I’m an Air sign, though I’m not sure that’s my favourite element – at least not all the time.

There have been times in my life when I was in my element out of doors, particularly when I worked with horses. I loved being out on horseback no matter what the weather. Except freezing rain. That sucked for everyone. But in general I love nature, and so sitting on a fence rail, breathing in the air and just watching the horses graze was a gem of a time for me.

I love being in a canoe as well. Floating on the water, paddling my little heart out is a great time as far as I’m concerned. Swimming as well – I used to enjoy holding my breath and just laying on the bottom of my neighbour’s pool for as long as I could. Sounds are muffled and it’s simply peaceful.

When I went camping when I was younger I was always the one to tend the fire. Keeping it going was a constant occupation and could keep me busy for hours. Sitting by the fire at night with the crickets singing and a million stars overhead could be heaven. As long as it wasn’t raining. Then again, crickets don’t sing when it rains, and chances are I wouldn’t see the stars either, so scratch that. Ah stream of consciousness and no editing, eh?

The one element I could never really get into is earth. Digging in the garden holds absolutely no appeal to me. Sitting in the garden reading a good book on a nice day… priceless.

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