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Nano Poblano – Day 19: Leaving Home

I saw these tracks in the snow this morning; they seemed odd.


I studied them for a while before I came to a definite conclusion as to what they meant. Obviously they were made by a disgruntled squirrel, dragging his wagon behind him.

And then I saw the note.


I’d say that pretty much confirms it. This snow is for the birds.

This post in aid of the cause:


One-Liner Wednesday – Analogue or Digital?

“Analog chocolate beats digital chocolate any day. But can I have my analog chocolate with digital calories?”

According to the “contest” on this post I have declared a winner for the answer that most tickled my funnybone. It comes to you from the lovely jetgirlcos of Forty and Fantastique!

If you don’t already follow her, please check out her blog!


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