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Pingbacks – An Update

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Having problems with pingbacks? Please read this post. It may be the solution to all your woes.

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I did rant a bit on my blog when things weren’t working. So it is only fair that I update it now that it is fixed.

So yeah, pingbacks did start working for me since Saturday morning. Yay!!! For some reason, when I did post my WPC challenge post on Friday night, the pingback failed to show up in the Daily Post (DP) page. So I went back to this forum topic and updated the same. One staff from WP (I did get her name wrong in that topic. Very bad of me, but in my defense I was sleep deprived and was woken up by a bad dream just a few minutes ago and couldn’t get back to sleep) helped me check it out. So I tried it on my other blog post and in the second try (because I made my first post private) it appeared in the DP page. Hurray!!!…

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One thought on “Pingbacks – An Update

  1. Thanks for the reblog Linda 🙂


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