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Great Loss = Great Beauty

Beautifully written. This is where great art comes from.
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Project Volden

I sit here, with only the clinking of buttons and zippers as the dryer spins, because I just felt within my heart great loss, and at the same time I was forced to recognize great beauty in a world that was fictitious.

After watching The Grand Budapest, I can’t help but feel the immense loss of our protagonist, just as the narrator said from the beginning that we were delving into the mind of an unequaled man of loneliness. For a time I sat on the couch, watching the credits, taking in what I had just been ripped out of me, after the movie cleverly placed it within my very fabric. The people, the lifestyle, the era long since passed. I thought of how the movie resembled the battles of Don Quixote living out his fantasies in a world which no longer existed, but he tried so hard to…

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Author: Linda G. Hill

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