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SoCS – Today


Today I got a few things accomplished.

Tonight I went out with friends for dinner and drinks – something I haven’t done in many years.

It’s important, I think, to connect with people. I consider myself lucky to have friends. Friends aren’t something I’ve had a lot of in my life, at least not since high school. Oh, I’ve had a few here and there, but the life I lead isn’t one many people can find something in common with. I’m a parent, yes, but my kids are … special. Being a writer and admitting it usually results in people looking at me as though I’ve grown an extra head.


Wine is good. Friends are good. Here’s a goat.

This odd yet intensely personal post is brought to you by Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

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35 thoughts on “SoCS – Today

  1. **Wine is good. Friends are good. Hereโ€™s a goat.**

    OK, that cracked me up. It’s exactly the way my Accomplice’s brain works (and since it’s our anniversary week, seems fitting!).

    I’m glad you have some friends who accept you and your unique life. And the chance, every now and then, to have a glass or three with them. โค


  2. A night out with friends sounds great.
    I haven’t had many friends over the years either. That’s why I look forward to the time I have been spending with one old friend in particular lately.


  3. Heres was me thinking all this time you DID have two heads?! Or at least two pairs of hands. (God knows you need them! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) โค Hope all well my dear.


  4. That one of those screaming goats?


  5. Nice one and glad you were able to get out. I know the two headed writer stare well.


  6. Thanks for the goat! And thanks for hosting the SoCS prompt. It was a lot of fun, and I read every post, just like you suggested! ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. Don’t you need an extra head when you write? One head is for focusing on your writing, and the other is for everything else.


  8. I see the goat and the unicorn and I raise it to Vlad!
    I am delighted you had a night out and that you enjoyed it! I get that same look if I mention poetry and writing!! Great post and I love the goat and unicorn but please a drinking smoking Vampire Bear??


  9. I see you your goat and raise you a unicorn:

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  10. Well I don’t think you would ever get on my goat Linda…..if you know what i mean….have a lovely Sunday….


  11. Here’s a goat LOL. You crack me up.