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A Belated #JusJoJan the 17th – Joy

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I’m generally a joyful person.

I tend to find the silver lining in things.

Or at least the platinum lining.

The nickel lining?

Okay, sometimes it’s plastic. But it’s happy plastic.

I drank some wine the other night. That made me joyful.

Until it made me tired.

It was the last bottle of the batch of 30 I made, like, more than two years ago, before Christmas of 2019.

I used to drink enough wine to make batches of it worthwhile.

But now?

Not so much.

I find not a lot of joy in a bottle. Just sleepiness.

But you see? Wine comes in glass bottles.

Not happy plastic.


Watch out for Just Jot it January next year. It’s fun!


#SoCS – Noticed?

You might have noticed that I am, once again, late for my own party. Two weeks (has it been two, or three?) in a row I’ve posted a Stream of Consciousness Sunday.  Today’s excuse is all about editing. There’s a new anthology coming out in October that I’ll also (as well as copyediting it) have a story in. Paranormal romance … so exciting!

(By the way, anyone studying this post for grammar mistakes–the rules include NO EDITING for SoCS posts. Don’t judge me by this post.)

This is the raw me. The unedited me. Have you noticed how … conversational Stream of Consciousness Saturday posts seem? That’s what I love about them. It’s that not-being-able-to-take-it-back-once-it’s-out-of-your-mouth thing. (Spellcheck really didn’t like that.) Where was I? Oh yeah.

Wine. Wine is good. I’m having a glass now after a full day of work. I can’t edit and drink, which is doing wonders for my weight sobriety. Not that I have a problem with staying sober. But wine is good, isn’t it?

Speaking of sobriety, I found a bag of potatoes today that was slowly but surely becoming vodka in my cupboard. Only it smelled more like fish. Not a good scent for potatoes, I thought, so they’re in the garbage now. *hic*

Speaking of gross things, my next sip of wine tasted like dish soap. I don’t know if it was the fact that the wine had had a chance to dilute whatever wasn’t washed out of the glass the last time it was washed, but I had to get rid of the rest of it.

So I opened a new bottle. *hic*

Where was I?

Oh yeah. There’s no way I’m going to get my colouring project done for the month of August. So I’m going to be late for that party too. I’ll still post the prompt, but with an unfinished page. I suck.

But wine is good.

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289. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Saturday, June 16th, 8:00pm
Edward (and Kyra)


Edward sits at the window. Kyra staggers down the aisle and takes the seat beside him.

Kyra: Hey I know you.

Edward: I don’t remember you.

Kyra: Yeah, you’re that guy that wants to be a vampire guy. You wanna share a bottle of wine with me?

Edward: I don’t drink wine.

Kyra: You sure? It’s red.

Edward: Just because it’s the same colour as blood doesn’t mean I want to drink it.

Kyra: Hey, you ever notice that blood has red and white cells and wine comes in red bottles and white bottles?

Edward stares at her.

Kyra: Gotta be a connection, right?

Edward: I still don’t want any wine.

Kyra: Suit yourself, vampire guy.

Edward: But I suppose I could drink it indirectly…

Kyra: What’s that supposed to mean?

Edward: (shrugs) Where are you getting off the bus?

Kyra: Main Street.

Edward: (smiles, exposing mouthful of fake fangs) Me too.


Next stop: Sunday, June 17th, 7:00pm

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Random, oh Random

Drinking a glass of wine tonight. Something I don’t do often anymore.

Thinking about shutting off the laptop. Something I never do before it’s time to go to bed.

But it’s been so long since I last listened to music and read a book.

With a glass of wine.

They forgot to put tartar sauce on my Filet-O-Fish yesterday. It’s still pissing me off.

Enya. I think I’ll listen to Enya.

No more editing today: I’ve been doing it non-stop all weekend. Between Candy Crush.

I hate Candy Crush.

If you say, “Well then, just stop playing it!” you’re showing you just don’t understand Candy Crush.

Stephen King is good. I think I’ll read Stephen King.

I haven’t changed out of my pyjamas today. I’m drinking wine in my pyjamas. Pyjamas that I put on last night.

Joyland. I started it a few nights ago. Enya and Joyland and wine.

Sounds like an excellent combination.

With no laptop.


May never forget the Filet-O-Fish. Dry fish. Oh, the irony.


#SoCS – Liquid Love

Ah, the end of a busy day. I’m sitting here with a glass of liquid love–the first bottle of wine I’ve opened in a long time. It’s red. Cabernet Franc, my favourite.

I started writing this post at 11:55pm, so it’s going to be a Stream of Consciousness Sunday for me. I come by it honestly, though. I’ve only been kid-free for an hour, and it’s been an hour of me-time.  So what have I been doing all day? Let me tell you.

I took Alex to see the movie Wonder, and it was, indeed, wonderful. It’s the first time he’s ever sat through a movie without asking to go home part-way through. He related to it–he related to the main character, Auggie. To Auggie’s many hospitalizations, and to his being set apart from kids who should, by rights, be his peers. Although Alex has his Deaf friends and teachers at school who treat him like just another kid, I suppose he’s the polar opposite of Auggie, being treated well outside of school. To the kids in our neighbourhood, Alex is the outcast. If this makes no sense, I apologize. See the movie. Know this is real life, for us.

Anyway, Alex thoroughly enjoyed the movie and so did I. After we came home, and after our ritual (yes, ritual, because my autistic son, Chris, wouldn’t go a weekend without it) McDonald’s feast, we put up our Christmas tree. I have to say I’m loving the new lights we have this year. I can change the colour to suit my mood. As we put the tree up–Alex, his eldest brother and his fiancé, and I–we discussed the difference in the classic white being the calm, sane side of our family (HA!) versus the coloured chaos, which is more the norm in our house.

The lights are more off-white–more warm than this. I’ll try to post a more accurate picture on Instagram.


I’m out of liquid love in my glass. One more, methinks, and then off to bed. In the morning it will be another liquid love, less of the liquor kind and more to do with caffeine. Mmmm…


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#SoCS – Insanity Reigns

Well, I’ll give myself a pat on the back. This is two weeks in a row that I’ve missed my own prompt on the day it was supposed to be posted. My excuse this week is insanity.

It’s funny. I’ve been driving myself nuts with all the preparations and advertising and stuff for my book, and what have I been wishing for? Those nice, calm days when I was busy editing someone else’s work. Which is crazy for me, because normally I’m not happy unless I’m writing. Somehow I must know this, even when I’m not conscious of it and you wanna know how I know? Because I signed up for July’s NaNoWriMo camp.

Because I have nothing better to do. HA!

I’m totally rambling tonight. Can you tell? And I haven’t even been drinking. Not since the cup of coffee I had at dinner, at least. I did just put a bottle of white wine in the freezer so I can have some before bed though. Kind of insane, if you ask me.

I should probably rein in all this craziness. But that’s me. I can’t stop challenging myself and I have no idea why. It’s almost as though if I slow down, I’ll waste away to nothing. So I just keep piling it on. I may just explode one day. Though I should probably implode – less messy. And the last thing I need is more housework on top of everything else.

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K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge – Candlelight

This week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge prompt is “Quest for Fire.” I decided to go with a picture I’ve posted on my blog before, except this time it’s modified. At the time I shot it, I actually shot three as I often do, so I can be reasonably sure one of them is good. The first is a modified version of the one you may have seen before. I heightened the saturation to bring out the colour of the fire.

candle sat

In the second one, the camera, for whatever reason, picked up the flame’s aura above it. I’m guessing it was due to the angle of the lens. I kind of like the black and white version.

candle unsat

The third and final one was out of focus. I call this the drunk version:


You can find the photo prompt here at Dale’s blog, and here at K’lee’s blog. Come and join in! It’s fun!!


One-Liner Wednesday – It’s Al’s Fault

The other night, when I realized I was running out of wine, I decided to write “damn it all” on the fridge. Not having two “l”‘s, I used an upside-down exclamation mark


which left me with “damn it al!” which still works, because the guy at the shop where I make my wine is named Al.

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Under the Category of…

…things one thinks about at one in the morning after a couple of glasses of wine…

Something the people who have met me in person know that most of you cannot is that I have a slight English accent. I acquired it from my parents, even though I was born and raised in Canada. I used to say I was born with an accent – I was teased relentlessly as a child for it. Most of it has disappeared but…

I was talking to myself at one this morning after a couple of glasses of wine (did I mention that?) and I said to myself, I wonder if I think in Canadian or English? And then I got to thinking.

What accent do we think in? Do we think how we speak? Or is there a language of thought?

In the immortal word of Bill and Ted on their excellent adventure, Whoa!!



#SoCS – Still is the answer, what was the question?

I find it incredibly hard to sit still. Especially when I’m trying to write. If I’m not getting up to get something I’m playing a mindless game on the computer because my brain just can’t handle, most of the time, the intense thought processes it has to go through to get what’s on it, on the screen. I need time to fully picture what I’m going to write before I write it. Once I have that picture I can go – and sometimes, yes, I’ll look up from the screen and realize it’s gotten dark outside without my noticing. Or, “Oh, look at that. I missed dinner time. No wonder I’m hungry.” This is, of course, only when I’m alone. Which is the best time for me to get anything done anyway.

I have a hard time sitting still but I wish my weight reflected that. Normally when I think of someone who’s always on the go I think of a person who is as skinny as a rail. Not me. Which proves that there’s no such thing as a stereotype where busyness is concerned. Then again, usually when I write and I have to distract myself, I end up in the kitchen…

The word “still” bugs me sometimes. At my most stressful times I’m usually saying “I still have to do this,” or “I still have to do that.” There’s always something I still have to do. I never get to the end of the damned “to do” list. That could have something to do with why I’m not sure my manuscript will ever be finished. There’s always a point I want to change or something I want to fix. Perfection must be achieved! Which I know sucks, but I don’t want to be criticized for something I could have fixed but didn’t.

Maybe instead of making my own wine (at the wine store) I’ll eventually end up with my own still in the basement. It may be the cure for all my stress. And hey, I can just pass out down there. That’ll keep me still.

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